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How To Paint Your Shoes
It is possible that cool hunters will track down someone in the right demographic, capture their painted clogs, and some global brand will commodify painted shoes and sell them worldwide. This is fine! It means more people will be wearing large numbers of random colors! At that point, we can move on to painting shirts, pants, and hats. If the commodification engine wants to chew it all up, terrific! The world will be a more colorful place, and we can think of new ways to make art out of our lives.

Why not splatter?
I've been thinking about small acts that can infect people with more goodwill. I remembered an ironic joke. You know how someone cuts you off in traffic and you lean on the horn, or even give them the finger? Have you ever thought that the person you insulted might do the same thing to another person, in traffic or elsewhere, and that wave of bad vibes you initiated propagates through the world? The punch line to the joke is "...and eventually it all ends up in the Middle East."

Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D Review
Unlike the current crop of Pocket PCs, the Zaurus can not play MP3's or other 'real' audio thru the internal speaker. You must listen thru headphones. The internal speaker is a piezo buzzer which means that it will really only play beeps, boops and clicks. To me this is very disappointing because I want to be able to be able to set alarm sounds that are more interesting then the lame phone ringer one that is included. I also want to play games that have great sound without having to wear earphones. That said, the stereo output thru headphones sounds great! I think the Zaurus has the best sound quality for playing MP3's of any PDA that I've tested so far. The volume level is also quite good. Compared to my HP 565 and iPAQ 3670, it is about 10% louder than the HP and about 20% quieter than the iPAQ. I never listen to MP3's on the highest volume setting anyway, so I find the levels to be perfect.

ZDNet: Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 User Ratings Sharp sold the SL-5000 series at the JavaOne Conference recently, and the line for them went out the door and across the street for 2 days. A Wi-Fi compliant network CF card was included with the bundle, and I can now browse the internet from my living room on this little PDA (I have a Netgear wireless router in my house). With support for both SD/MMC and CompactFlash cards, and support for Java, I think this thing is going to be huge. I am and have been a palm user for 2 years now and was just about to buy a new 515 model, but since I can just write programs in Java now, upload them to the Zaurus and then run them, I'm thinking I might put off buying a Palm - at least until Palm ups it's screen resolution and solidifies its programming model, which is somewhat scattered now. As for a Zaurus vs a Pocket PC - what can I say? Open source vs propriatary lock in, plus the keyboard which is easy to use after playing with it for about an hour, and the stability and support for Linux that's hitting it's stride now.... Pocket PC suddenly finds itself beaten hands down. Mark my words - all the Java developers that bought this thing at the conference - they weren't just buying it for it's pretty looks. There's going to be some very nice apps and support for this thing sooner than you'd think.

PDAGeek Features--Impressions of Sharp's Zaurus SL 5000-D Linux PDA I sat surrounded by developers. That seems to be the cradle of the hype surrounding the Zaurus product at this point. Developers are drooling over this PDA, and it was evident during Trolltech's demo. The Trolltech folks showed cross-compiling on a desktop computer, with drop-down boxes to choose to which OS you are porting. I literally heard, "Ooh."

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TheFeature :: It's All About The Mobile Internet
"An 802.11 [Wi-Fi] base station does about as much [as a 3G celltower] for $500 instead of $2 million." He believes Wi-Fi is more likely to be the dominant carrier for broadband multimedia. So what about voice, I wonder? Ito responds immediately - "IP phones that use 802.11b!" - HealthWatch - Cure For Cancer? doctors give patients injections of folate and fluorescein, a harmless yellow dye that the body recognizes as a foreign invader.
The folate-fluorescein combination binds to the surface of the tumor cell. Then the immune system recognizes fluorescein as a foreign invader and sends antibodies to attack it.
Infection-fighting blood cells act as a kill and cleanup crew, attacking the fluorescein, killing the cancer cell, and then eating it up.
If the Food and Drug Administration allows the animal study results to proceed to human clinical trials, medical science may have found a discovery for which cancer researchers and patients have long been waiting.

Wednesday, June 26 / Real Estate > Search Results for Homes

< $475 - THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY!! Nas vs. Yoko Ono!!
The thing is, I already know you, Todd. You moved out here from suburban Conneticut, and you love it here in the Bay, and you're really politically progressive and are loving the new Coup album. Bo-ring. It's not that you're a bad person or anything, but does West Oakland really need anymore liberal white folks who love living in such a "multicultural" neighborhood? We have nothing against white folks as such, but as it is, we already have two in the house, which I think you'll agree is more than enough.

SIGNUM: MARROW: Dream is Destiny
They must’ve felt it, too, because we received an unexpected standing ovation afterward.

SIGNUM: MARROW: Dream is Destiny
After using the software enough, I started to dream about it at night; it was like weaving every day for months. With the interpolation disabled, I chipped away at passing subway lights and faceted reflections of my own face in windows, frame by frame. I barely dipped my toe in the grueling task of the animation. A minute of the film could take up to 250 hours to animate, and some of the scenes are long, often created by a single artist.

Denver - Babysitters held in tot's death in hot car
"When the outside temperature is 93 degrees, even with a window cracked the temperature inside a car can reach 125 degrees in just 20 minutes and approximately 140 degrees in 40 minutes," Bailey said. She advised parents never to leave children in a car in any weather, nor allow them to play in or around cars. Cars should always be locked, even at home, she said. And to avoid burns to children's skin, parents should check seats before placing youngsters in cars.

Tuesday, June 25

jill/txt: archives of april 2002
On the tram last night I saw it, after hours in the office reading. So simple, so powerful: it will explain everything I'm trying to write about. I scribbled down notes with a borrowed pen and shone the whole way home. I fell asleep thinking about the details, my whole body glowing with the beauty of it. I've been writing all morning, in between kids chirping merrily and peering over my shoulder and my partner getting grumpier and grumpier at my asocial behaviour. But what about X? Am I confusing this with that? And how can I think about Y? It's going to take a lot of work to explain it so people can understand both the simplicity and the depth of it. Anxiety: it can't be that good. Thinking it's good is hubris, it'll be hacked apart as punishment, they'll laugh at it. No. They won't, and even if they did: It is good.
I can't tell you about it yet. It might fall apart. Later. If it bears the weight of thought.

This is what it's like. When you have time to read and write.

Institute of Ideas | Events
What is going to happen to equality of opportunity when a non-musically enhanced child aspires to be a musician, which has become not just the territory of a guild of musicians, but of a subspecies of musicians whose total genetic identity is tied up in that form of life?

Untitled Document
A 3,000-seat bunker located under the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is another unsolved mystery. (The cathedral was demolished by the Bolsheviks in the 1930s; it is now being rebuilt.) "We were not allowed to go there, although the cathedral dean asked us to take out a sealed container with communist slogans on it," says Mikhailov. The dean called it the "anti-capsule," in the same tone he would use to speak of the anti-Christ. Mikhailov would have liked to explore, but "officers from the Kremlin guard said that nothing under the church threatened the safety of the building, and so they did not allow us to go down."

Introduction to The Hedonistic Imperative
Our super-well descendants, by contrast, will enjoy a glorious spectrum of new options. They may opt to combine emotional stability, resilience and "serotonergic" serenity, for instance, with the goal-oriented energy, optimism and initiative of a raw "dopaminergic" high. Post-humans will have discovered that euphoric peak experiences can be channelled, controlled and genetically diversified, not just medically suppressed.

Introduction to The Hedonistic Imperative
Sadly, in today's "bipolars" manic exuberance can spin out of control. Euphoria may be accompanied by hyperactivity, sleeplessness, chaotically racing ideas, pressure of speech and grandiose thought. Hyper-sexuality, financial excesses and religious delusions are common. So is rampant egomania. Sometimes dysphoria may occur. In dysphoric mania the manic "high" is actually unpleasant. The excited subject may be angry, agitated, panicky, paranoid, and destructive. When in the grip of classic euphoric mania, however, it's hard to recognise that anyone might think anything is wrong. This is because everything feels utterly right. To suppose otherwise is like going to Heaven and then being invited to believe there has been a mistake. It's not credible.

Inside the Military-Entertainment Complex Inside the Military-Entertainment Complex


Don Boose builds an EconBent My Econ Bent deviates from the plans because I modified the construction to provide for USS

Ergonomic Details - Worktools, Workplace Performance Products - Organizational Worktools, Document Clips, Memo Boards, Filing In-Line Document Support

The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week
The Fun Team has been tasked with identifying ways to improve morale within the company. One of the suggestions we have been working on is bringing back paper products, including plates, forks and cups.
In lieu of providing paper cups, the Fun Team elected to provide everyone with a CoreComm insulated travel mug. As each employee will be issued only one mug, please be sure to secure your mug, especially if you are sharing a workstation.
The mugs are now available and you can pick up your mug from _______ or _______ at the 4660 building Receptionist Desk at any time.
Paper plates and forks will be following shortly...
If you would like to share your morale building ideas with the Fun Team, please let me know!

Today was the big Pit Fire at Bolsa Chica Beach with Master of Ceremonies, Joe Soldate. Joan brought drinks, Preston brought his guitar, I brought a shovel...there were about a dozen of us...and everyone pitched in and brought ingredients of their own.

I've always wanted to know how to fire my own pots. Except I don't have any pots.

Jeremy's Personal Recumbent Page Jeremy's homebuilt recumbent bicycle

Google Search:
I remember seeing a home made recumbant based on a ~4 inch diameter pvc drain
pipe. The builder cut a slot in the pipe for the rear wheel. Everything was
bolted on. Hole cut for the head tube for the steering. Hole cut for a
bottombracket shell. Holes drilled for the seat supports. Simple and cheap.
Looked a little flexible for that comfortable ride.

RAIN: Radio And Internet Newsletter It's very interesting that they built this on the Yahoo!/RIAA deal.

When I was still there (the final deal was signed after I left Yahoo!), I hated the price points and explained why they were too high. HOWEVER, I was trying to get concession points from the RIAA. Among those was that I, as, didn't want percent-of-revenue pricing.

Why? Because it meant every "Tom , Dick, and Harry" webcaster could come in and undercut our pricing because we had revenue and they didn't. Broadcasters could run ads for free and try to make it up in other areas so they wouldn't have to pay royalties.

As an extension to that, I also wanted there to be an advantage to aggregators. If there was a charge per song, it's obvious lots of webcasters couldn't afford to stay in business on their own. THEREFORE, they would have to come to to use our services because with our aggregate audience, if the price per song was reasonable, we could afford to pay the royalty AND get paid by the webradio stations needing to webcast.

Bicycles I mostly worked from David's "No-weld Recumbent" plans. The plans are good for getting ideas. They are definitely worth the $6. I did add a number of my own enhancements. In particular, I used a two chain loop approach that allowed me to make fewer modifications to the main bike.

How to Make a Recumbent bike with under seat steering How to build a HPV bike

Build A Recumbent Bicycle Built From Discards

The "No Weld" Recumbent Bike

Calendar Live - 'Garage' Turns Vehicles Into Beasts The other installments focus on a limousine that becomes a fully functional fire engine with a pressure hose; a floating Volkswagen Beetle/swamp airboat; and a Mustang GT fitted with lawnmower blades that cut grass at 60 mph.

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I, Cringely | The Pulpit
If there is a reason, it has to come from the competitive nature of Bill Gates as Microsoft's spiritual and ethical leader. Everything is a competition to Bill, and every competition has a winner and a loser. Microsoft people have always been encouraged to see the game, not the consequences, and to win the game even if winning this way makes no sense.

Let me give an example of this behavior. In the early days of Microsoft, one of the popular games was to see how late the boys could leave work for the airport and still make their flights. These weren't people who were habitually late, they were playing a game. The eventual winner was Bill Gates, of course, but to win he had to abandon his car at the departures curb.

I, Cringely | The Pulpit
Of course, you still need bandwidth, and the more the better, but very few applications make good use of the mega-amounts available to DSL users. Downloads are faster, as are uploads to peer-to-peer file sharing systems, but a couple hundred kilobits-per-second is plenty for anything else except watching movies or intensive gaming. So it must be the non-movie downloading non-networked game players Covad is targeting with its new TeleSurfer Link product, which offers 200 kilobits-per-second downstream and 64 kilobits-per-second upstream. The introductory price in the U.S. is $21.95 per month, rising to $39.95 per month after we stop noticing the charge on our credit card bill. That's AOL kinda money for what amounts to DSL Lite. - RV sales surge as boomers take to road, not air
The converts include George Meireles, 44, a Millington, N.J., luxury-home builder. He initially resisted getting an RV, worried that it might be too confining and spartan for his taste. Finally relenting after Sept. 11, Meireles purchased an RV with leather interior, satellite dish, microwave and a washer-dryer.
His family of five recently returned from a trip to Niagara Falls, N.Y., and Canada, and hopes to visit Florida and the Western states sometime soon.
"He's enjoying it more than I am," said his wife, Chrissy, 34, who grew up camping in tents and relished the idea of showing her young children the great outdoors. "We feel like we've bought a condo on wheels."

"Powered looms were what took weavers out of cottages. How could they put them back in?"
Stratton had not spoken of this before, and welcomed the opportunity to explain. "The cost of automatous engines has always been high, and so we have mills in which scores of looms are driven by an immense coal-heated Goliath. But an automaton like mine could cast engines very cheaply. If a small automatous engine, suitable for driving a few machines, becomes affordable to a weaver and his family, then they can produce cloth from their home as they did once before. People could earn a decent income without being subjected to the conditions of the factory."

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Compact Flash information and results - Brighthand discussion board Here is a little procedure that may help you with your card.
First, if you have the ability, verify with another device, laptop, CE or desktop machine that your CF card is okay. Assuming the card is okay, try the following:
-Close all applications
-Remove the CF card
-Remove atadisk.dll from Windows directory and any other “patches” you may have
-Stick a paper clip in the reset hole
-Wait for reset to finish
-Execute ibmd_Pcmcia.exe
-Run the test on the the PCMCIA and CF slots, both slots will fail, that’s okay.
-Exit ibmd_Pcmcia.exe
-Cross your fingers and insert CF card.
-With you card inserted, copy, move and delete various sized files for a few minutes to verify success.

Compact Flash information and results - Brighthand discussion board Here is a little procedure that may help you with your card.
First, if you have the ability, verify with another device, laptop, CE or desktop machine that your CF card is okay. Assuming the card is okay, try the following:
-Close all applications
-Remove the CF card
-Remove atadisk.dll from Windows directory and any other “patches” you may have
-Stick a paper clip in the reset hole
-Wait for reset to finish
-Execute ibmd_Pcmcia.exe
-Run the test on the the PCMCIA and CF slots, both slots will fail, that’s okay.
-Exit ibmd_Pcmcia.exe
-Cross your fingers and insert CF card.
-With you card inserted, copy, move and delete various sized files for a few minutes to verify success.

IBM Z50: $300! - Brighthand discussion board
IBM said that 90% of CF cards are not compatible? I've used an IBM Microdrive in there that didn't work. IBM advertises that it supports the Microdrive. Everybody should call IBM, the number is 1-800-772-2227. Feel free to mention that a lot of other people are having this problem. You might ask to speak to the supervisor, that's who I had to speak to before I got any answers.

IBM Z50: $300! - Brighthand discussion board I went ahead and did the hard reset as suggested on the IBM Wordpad forum. Suddenly both CF cards started to work fine. I have since run several apps from both of the cards, backed up and restored, saved and deleted with no problems.
It just seemed crazy to me that three minutes after I pulled this z50 out of the box that I would have to reset it to fix the CF card problem. So when the IBM forum suggested that I do this, I ignored the suggestion, figuring it was senseless. My wife tells me it must be a "man thing," that I refused to follow IBM's instructions.
If you are still having trouble with the CF cards, I would suggest the hard reset.
The CF card renaming problem is still there (a CE quirk). You know, each time you turn on the HPC your cards get renamed - storage card2, storage card6, etc...this creates a problem when you attempt to use shortcuts on the desktop to run apps on a CF card (NOT recommended.)

IBM Z50: $300! - Brighthand discussion board It's possible to format CF cards in a PC with a PCMCIA slot. Use an adapter and insert it, format the CF (it appears as a drive).
Thomas R

IBM WorkPad z50
When I got home the first thing that I did was plug the device in to external power. Sometimes that works, but in this case it did not. Time to look in the User Manual. The User Manual says that if the battery switch is not locked the device will not turn on. A quick check underneath the WorkPad and I found that the battery switch was in the unlock position. I switched it to locked, and the device turned on. I might have left it unlocked when I removed the battery earlier.

IBM WorkPad z50
It is a Handheld PC Professional, meaning that it comes with the latest version of the Windows CE operating system for Handheld PCs that includes all the Pocket Outlook and Pocket Office applications, including Pocket Access. IBM bundles bFax Pro, bPrint and bUSEFUL Backup Plus with the device. The device automatically starts a "Print to bFax or bPrint" application that you find on the system tray. When I checked the System icon I noticed that half of the 8 MB of program memory was in use, presumably from this app, so I shut it down.

IBM Search Results: Z50

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NPR : Furby Co-Inventor Richard Levy
What's the secret of success in the toy industry? A toy idea is only "about 10 percent of this exercise," he says. "Ninety percent is the marketing of it -- getting it together, getting it out." Word-of-mouth can be more important than any ad campaign, and the landscape can change quickly. Levy says he keeps a close watch on popular culture, and uses social trends for inspiration.

NPR : Furby Co-Inventor Richard Levy
In 1998, one toy caused near riots at Christmas time -- an interactive, animatronic creature called the Furby. You can blame Richard C. Levy and his colleagues for the panic. He licensed and co-developed the Furby. More than 40 million have been sold in 57 countries, and the Furby can interact with humans in seven languages.

Popular Mac Columnist Mourned
"I saw Rodney and he was speaking with a whole group of customers," said Corey Johnson, Power On's operations manager. "He had gathered a crowd. His speaking skills were something to behold. He could really keep people's attention. He was selling Macs to several people there at the same time.
"It was like preaching. He was preaching the Mac gospel. He was showing them the light, which is something people don't get when they go into CompUSA. It was really quite something. When I saw that, I said we really have to hire this guy."

Melungeon Secret Solved, Sort Of
After a history of doing what they could to "pass" for white, Melungeons are now doing just the opposite and staking claim to the identity. The lighter complexions are at least in part due to Melungeons mixing with fairer-skinned people.
"The neighbors with more money tried to keep their sons and daughters away from us, but we were just so cute they couldn't do it," said Wayne Winkler, president of the Melungeon Heritage Association.

Betty Crocker - What's On Hand

Big, Bigger, Biggest: The Supersize Suburb
So what is it that people actually do in big houses? Gopal Ahluwalia, a vice president in charge of research for the Washington-based National Association of Home Builders, has been studying that question for decades.
"People use the kitchen, the family room and the bedrooms," he said. "Beyond that, there is very limited use of the house."

Big, Bigger, Biggest: The Supersize Suburb
By the bigger-than-big standards of houses in the suburbs of Washington, the Banners are not living all that large, although their house does have six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, two home offices, a wine cellar, a media room and four 21-foot-high "Gone With the Wind" columns on the veranda. All for two adults and two children.

Metafilter | Comments on 17969 radio drama.

Ha'aretz - Article
"That's not the case here, I'm telling you. They home in on a person like a spider and spin a web around him

Ha'aretz - Article
What new and relevant information did this meeting provide?

"That the environmental factor is the key - not the socioeconomic situation, or whether they're working or unemployed, or the years of oppression and built-up frustration, or whether they're educated or not. These parameters have weight, but it is marginal. Above all, it has to do with the person's character and how susceptible he or she is to pressure and persuasion. There's an entire system with its sights set on this satanic aim. It operates entirely in order to produce human bombs. As soon as they identified him as suitable, they trapped him like a fish in a net. These suicide bombers aren't created out of nowhere. They aren't born like that. The Islamic Jihad and the Tanzim and Hamas find them. It's the most cynical and cruel exploitation of human lives, of young people's lives especially. The weak, like him, are caught."

Ha'aretz - Article
He listens, but doesn't say anything. She sighs. "What will become of me? I have no future. I don't want my whole life to be ruined because of this. I'm at the beginning of life. I didn't do anything. Don't forget that. I didn't do it. I changed my mind. Please, let me out."

"To each his fate," Ben-Eliezer says, and then he leaves the room.

Ha'aretz - Article
Ben-Eliezer: "Explain to me why you wanted to commit a suicide bombing in Israel. Was it for religious reasons?"

Ahmed: "No, it was something personal. I was in distress. I was depressed."

Ben-Eliezer: "Why did you want to commit suicide?"

Ahmed: "You [Israelis] killed my friend."

Ben-Eliezer: "Was he a close friend of yours?"

Ahmed: "Yes. We were friends for a year and a half."

Ben-Eliezer: "Did you live together?"

Ahmed: "No, of course not. There's no such thing in our society. But we were friends. And he was killed."

Ha'aretz - Article
Ben-Eliezer: "If Yasser Arafat called for a halt to suicide bombings, would it have any effect on you?"

Stiti: "No. It's a religious imperative from Allah. It has nothing to do with whether Arafat says yes or no. Allah supersedes everyone." He thinks for a moment and continues: "But maybe if he did call for it to stop, we might think twice about it."

Ha'aretz - Article
They were supposed to carry out the attack together. Mahmoud Salem instructed Badir to blow himself up amid the backgammon tables on the open plaza. Arin was supposed to wait on the other side of the street for the people who weren't killed or injured in the first explosion to run in a panic toward where she was standing. The expectation was that she would soon be surrounded by a large crowd. Then she was to choose the right moment and blow herself up.

Services > Pyra Labs/Blogger > Clients

The Onion | 19 June 2002
U.S. Middlemen Demand Protection From Being Cut Out
WASHINGTON, DC—Some 20,000 members of the Association of American Middlemen marched on the National Mall Monday, demanding protection from such out-cutting shopping options as online purchasing, factory-direct catalogs, and outlet malls. "Each year in this country, thousands of hard-working middlemen are cut out," said Pete Hume, a Euclid, OH, waterbed retailer. "No one seems to care that our livelihood is being taken away from us." Hume said the AAM is eager to work with legislators to find alternate means of passing the savings on to you.

Bill Browning & Kim Hamilton - Village Homes

Thursday, June 20

HOMES.COM - Details on Listing ID 8985668

E-Mac, i-Mac, No Mac
Having said that, why can't Apple take its genius to the next level and bring out a completely new machine that is not a Macintosh? The answer is obvious if we look at recent history and compare it to the era when the Mac was invented. Here's the problem. This supposedly creative business of high technology has invented nothing that compares with the Xerox Star in over 20 years. All the R&D money has been diverted, mismanaged, killed by zealous bean counters, or simply wasted. Most of the big R&D labs have been closed or cut back. All the R&D seems to be in semiconductor technologies, which is because that particular business is more of a psychopathic rat-race than anything else and you get eaten by the rats if you miss a step.

Utah schools - elementary, middle and high school information

Worterklärungen - Burnout
According to New York psychologist Herbert J. Freudenberger, PhD., who coined the term, burned is a state of fatigue or frustration brought about by a devotion to a cause, a way of life, or a relationship that failed to produce the expected reward.

Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Section IV.B. – Joe Strange moved to change the phrase “continued scholarly contributions” in the third sentence to read “continued teaching, service, and scholarly contributions. The motion passed.

ENGL 2020 - Intermediate Writing(Internet) information page Writing Research Papers for Science and Technology (2 ed.)
Rasmussen, K., & Wahlquist, J. (2000).
New York: Mc-Graw-Hill.

Business Week Online:Ballmer's Microsoft
Ballmer has always been a tough boss. He's known for eviscerating business plans at annual reviews, sometimes humiliating execs in the process. One former top exec says he'd rather put his arm in a food processor than work for Ballmer again. "Steve is a pain in the ass to work for," the exec says. Ballmer says he's trying to improve. "A lot of people would like to see me balance a little bit more the fun side with the tough side," he says. "I think I've hit a better balance than I had in the past."

Compact Flash information and results - Brighthand discussion board Use this topic for information on CompactFlash issues with the z50

Wednesday, June 19

RAPTOR'S Windows CE Internet/Communications Downloads Comments Thingee (213089)
I had a great physics teacher in 11th grade. He was funny and also lazy, since it was last period. He was also an avid golfer, so it was easy to get him off track by asking him about that. "Lot of physics in golf!" he'd always say. We'd also watch some golf on TV at the beginning of class on Thursday and Friday, and he let us watch the Ryder Cup all class when it was on.

He also wrote awesome word problems--about car crashes, trucks driving off cliffs, etc. Comments Thingee (213089)
My chemistry teacher did this a few times. He took a small tub of water and put some soapy stuff in it so make it bubbly. He then took a hose from one of the natural gas lines and fed it into the water. He turned the gas on and boom, you get big bubbles filled with natural gas.

Then we would cover our hands with the soapy material (Not the one that was in the gas water) so we could hold a huge amount of these gas bubbles. Then we'd shut off the gas line, put on goggled, hold out the bubbles in front of us and then someone would light it on fire. Instantly we held a fireball the size of a small car which burned for about 3 seconds in our hands. The heat was amazing but didn't hurt us. That was the coolest shiat ever. Most times the fire would hit the ceiling and crawl alone until the remaining gas from the bubbles had burned out. Breaking the fire code? Hell yes, but it was farking fun and that was the reason why I didn't skip class. Comments Thingee (213089)
"Oh oh. Two independent thought alarms in one day. The students are overstimulated. Willie! Remove all the colored chalk from the classrooms." Comments Thingee (213089)
Late at night, and we tried this experiment many times, he took us out to show us a chemical reaction involoving unstable light metals and water. We threw pieces of sodium metal onto a frozen lake.....Kaboom. We really dug the firey explosion. All those loose electrons are just so unstable. We ahd to repeat the experiment to make sure we had our calculations correct.

I then majored in chemistry. Got a 5 in the AP exams and entrance in to Cornell engineering.Mr Norton had the right idea about getting kids intrested in chemistry.

The administrators canned him. Comments Thingee (213089)
My eighth grade chemistry teacher got in trouble for an experiment she did for us. We were standing in the middle of a soccer field, with goggles and aprons on, as we should be. She dropped a baseball-sized piece of pure sodium into a bucket of water, to show us how violent some chemical reactions can be. If you haven't seen this done, it's very cool. The sodium and water react with each other, producing loads of hydrogen. The heat from the reaction ignites the hydrogen. That one lump of sodium made a 4-foot diameter fireball above the bucket. Comments Thingee (213089)
So he built a potato cannon, big deal. My chemistry teacher used to sniff chloroform and walk around in a stupor. The lesson here is, never allow the press into your work place.

Communicating between Palm and Windows CE

PocketPCcity: Message Boards: IBM z50: Re: Freeware and Shareware

PocketPCcity: Message Boards: IBM z50

Homebrew antenna shootout - Police: Kidnapper may be 'trusted' person - June 19, 2002
Fred Trujillo, the security director at the Shriners Hospital, told CNN he saw a car being driven in a suspicious way and trained a camera on it for several minutes.
A second car arrived and there appeared to be some interaction for a few moments before both cars drove away, Trujillo said. Police said the tape is of poor quality because of the low light conditions.

Surveillance tapes seem to be universally crappy, so much so that entire industries exist just to fix them. Why are they even installed? Is it just a token gesture to insurance companies? - Police: Kidnapper may be 'trusted' person - June 19, 2002
The night of the abduction, police said the suspect carried a small dark handgun and wore a Polo brand shirt, tan pants, dark shoes and tan cap. He had dark hair on his arms and the back of hands, they said, and was described as calm but "concerned others would awake."
Atkinson showed reporters a pair of white Ralph Lauren tennis shoes, saying they were nearly identical to the ones Elizabeth Smart was wearing when she left that night.

Kung Fu Grippe :: June 13, 2002 Archives

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P.S. I realize that in most people's imagination and the current conventional wisdom, the Camp David talks are an obvious example of a fair and rejected offer of a Palestinian state. See my recent NYRB links.

The short and long of it is, Israel's present belligerent stance, and especially its mockery of the principles of Oslo (which, no secret, Sharon always hated) makes Palestinians rightly dubious that any "state" will end the might-makes-right military occupation. As Saeb Erekat (I think) said recently, the Palestinians don't want a "state" that features incursions, assassinations, home demolitions, random violence against Palestinian civilians, suspension of due process, etc.

Tuesday, June 18

Mortgage calculations -- how it works
How to calculate amortization tables by hand

New Scientist: The Last Word Science Questions and Answers
Dr Livingstone wrote that Africans he encountered were aware that consciousness is not lost immediately. He recounts how they bent a springy sapling and tied cords from it under the ears of a man to be decapitated so that his last few moments of awareness would be of flying through the air.

New Scientist: The Last Word Science Questions and Answers
How long is the interval of consciousness after the head is severed? In France, in the days of the guillotine, some of the condemned were asked to blink their eyes if they were still conscious after the knife fell. Reportedly, their heads blinked for up to 30 seconds after decapitation. How much of this was voluntary and how much due to reflex nerve action is speculation. Most nations with science sophisticated enough to determine this question have long since abandoned decapitation as a legal tool.

Dale McIntyre, University of Cambridge

Antoine Lavoisier, the French chemist who lived between 1743 and 1794, was caught up in the revolution and faced beheading. He asked friends to observe closely as he would continue blinking as long as possible after being killed. He was reported to have blinked for 15 seconds after decapitation.

New Scientist
The wild rhetoric about enslaving the poor and bankrupting the economy to do climate policy is fallacious, even if one accepts the conventional economic models," Schneider told New Scientist. He says the economic arguments need to be put in context, and called on climate scientists to take a tougher stand against the doom-mongers who say action would be too costly.

Wired 10.07: Nvidia
Never mind that his stint in the Bluegrass State was a mistake - that Huang's aunt and uncle, recent immigrants to Tacoma, Washington, who spoke little English, unwittingly sent him to a reform school instead of a prep school. He got three meals a day and escaped the violence and civil unrest his parents faced, first in Taiwan, then in Thailand. "Wow. There it is. I haven't been back since," the 39-year-old Huang says softly, recalling his childhood while pulling up the school's Web site from Nvidia headquarters in Santa Clara, California. "I remember that part of my life more vividly than just about any other."

Saturday, June 15

Sony N505VE Review The N505VE maintains the first impression you get of the original 505 models. It's light and thin. Really. Upon removing it from the box, I noticed that it felt even lighter and thinner than my 505F. Checking the specs, it is, but just a little. It's likely that only a year of practice hefting the old model made me notice the missing ounces shaved from the N505. Added coolness factor: the magnesium lid is molded with the VAIO logo, whereas the older models are simply painted to look molded.

Southern pastor works to deliver his flock from credit-card debt
Whoops of delight greeted the announcement that Earl and Lanitha Hudson had been chosen to get out of debt. Elder Ronda Russell, the Bishop’s wife, summoned debt-free parishioners to come forward with offerings. “Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to have something to give,” she said. “Those who can plant a seed of $1,000 get in line.” Behind them came those offering $500, then $300, then $100, on down to those who gave small amounts. People wrote checks as they waited in line. Small children clutched dollar bills. The deacons collected and counted the contributions while the pastor snipped credit cards with large shears.
Finally, the good news resounded: “The Hudsons are out of debt!” the pastor shouted. A tide of joyful noise swept the sanctuary.

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Hit the open node In garden sheds throughout the land, philanthropic geeks and armchair anarchists are constructing aerials from brass pipes and copper wire, ready for


the revolution. One day, they hope, everyone will have free access to the internet from pavements, parks and precincts across the UK via community wireless networks.

Ecademy - The E-Business Network

Walmart Ships PCs with Lindows OS
Walmart does not care about Linux geeks clutching their little stuffed penguins and waving their "Open Source" flags. They do not care about someone who walks into a store to tell the tech department that they should sell machines with Linux on it. They care about money. They have always cared about money, and they always will care about money. They are the most efficient corporation in the whole world, and they are efficient because it makes money. Anyone who thinks that Walmart's #1 priority is not about money needs to take some courses in Economics, wake up, and smell the capitalism.

Yahoo! News - Andreessen Interview: Browser wars aren't coming back
Andreessen: (Pause). I don't think so. For mass market adoption (open source) is clearly not compelling yet or (Opera) would have more adoption than it does. Other things are more important. Bundling with the (operating system) is clearly more important for adoption. When you're competing against something that's both being (promoted) by a monopoly and is free, good luck competing, have fun.
My attitude is, everybody should try competing with Microsoft once in their life. Once.

Friday, June 14

Impressions of the IBM WorkPad z50

New entry.

PC Magazine Messages
In fact the brown-nosing that goes on between bloggers singing each others' praises makes the worst office kiss-ups look tame by comparison. I mention this anomaly since these Cluetrain folks all believe the opposite to be true. Somehow networking like this, according to the Cluetrainees, reveals truth—when in fact it supports and forces the worst kind of conformist behavior. Try to find a blog that is ever critical of another blog. I've never seen it.

John C. Dvorak: Cult of the Cluetrain Manifesto
Yet the apparent faith in this odd vision of an idealistic human-oriented internetworked new world/new economy marches forward. I imagine all these folks holding hands in a large circle, rolling back and forth, with some in the middle of the circle, spinning and chanting and hugging, all naked. I'm betting that most of these folks go to Burning Man and all of them write blogs about it and how cool it was. They link to each others' blogs and read what they say about each other—all highly complimentary.

Thursday, June 13

Ergo In Demand, Inc. - Ergonomic Computer Monitor Arms Premier Metal Arm Copy Holder

This extremely flexible copy holder attaches with C-clamp to your desk. It allows you to position your documents precisely where it's best for you and eases eye and neck strain.

On -- Reviews -- Laptop Security
The setting: Any airport, U.S.A. The victims: You and your laptop. Action! You put your computer on the X-ray conveyor belt and get in line for the metal detector. The guy in front of you gets stopped and has to empty his pockets. Turns out he’s a walking scrap heap, and it takes him five minutes to get through. Meanwhile, your defenseless laptop is waiting helplessly on the other side. By the time you’re finally through, it’s gone — swiped by Scrap Heap’s accomplice on the other side

Wednesday, June 12

J&R - Your source for Audio, Video, Electronics, Movies, DVD and Digital Cameras SANGEAN C. Crane Company CCRadio Plus
A dream radio / Built-in Headphone jack with FM stereo out / AM-FM-TV-Weather Alert functions / Digital tuner / Ferrite antenna

S&TS 532 Syllabus *Paul Rosen, "The Social Construction of Mountain Bikes: Technology and Postmodernity in the Cycle Industry," Social Studies of Science, 1993, 23, 479-513.

Google Search: KX-P7105

Comparison Shop for KX-P7105 15PPM DUPLEX LASER PRINTER (Panasonic-KXP7105) - - The Smart Place to Start your Shopping

Google Search: And if you're really interested in a rule set for Mail, and you're not
afraid of traditional unix tools, there's always procmail sorting.

what you'll need:

1) install procmail (may require you to drop to the CLI, I don't know of
Mac OS X comes with it, or if there's already a procmail package out there)

2) install the mail tools package (might not be out for X yet ... but it
was a common download for Nextstep, Openstep, and was available on Rhapsody
and X Server) -- this allows you to append files to mail spools, so you can
have procmail deliver to your individual mail folders, bypassing the Mail
rules engine. Once the package is ported to X, it'll be a package install
and wont require CLI.

3) edit your .forward to invoke procmail, and create a .procmailrc with
your rules (full regexp matching! capacity for a very rich and complex set
of rules). Neither of these steps requires CLI, just a text file editor
(like TextEdit).

Entertainment Weekly's | How Yoda became an action star
So they ''dirtied up'' the animation, aping all of Yoda's limitations. When original puppeteer (and voicer) Frank Oz saw the footage, he freaked. ''He said, 'You're even matching my mistakes! Those ear wiggles -- you've got to get those out!''' But Coleman, and especially Lucas, vetoed Oz's request, arguing that the evident puppet-ness of Yoda is in fact what audiences remember best about him, and they still expect it.

Play trivial persuit with your favorite search engine
Play trivial persuit with your favorite search engine
concept by Sharon Huston.
This game is more a morphing of trivial persuit than anything else. The difference between this and normal trivial persuit is that the players are allowed to use a search engine to find the answers. Naturally a time limit (about two minutes) applies, although this depends on the speed of your connection. This game works best with a difficult edition. It is also useful to help people learn how to best utilize the power of search engines.
This concept can also be used to help the youngsters in the common family position where the children are normally at a big disadvantage... they can be helped by permission to use search engines.

CBS News | Feds Considered Following Padilla | June 11, 2002 22:54:58
Meanwhile, an INS memo issued Thursday and obtained by CBS News directs agents at U.S. airports, borders, and ports to do: "A complete and thorough search of all baggage" carried by Yemeni travelers and make "An inventory of all effects." Only those carrying diplomatic passports are exempt.

The memo specifically orders agents to look for "...large sums of currency, thermos bottles, night vision goggles or devices." It warns, "under no circumstances will an inspecting officer open a thermos bottle."

Tuesday, June 11

NATIONAL POST ONLINE | Search Results | Story
During the next four days of fighting, the Newfoundland corporal set what is believed to be a record for a long-distance shot under combat conditions, hitting an enemy gunman at a distance of 2,430 metres.

Fast Food Nation: An Appetite for Litigation
Thinness and healthy eating are increasingly becoming the preserve of the wealthy and the educated living in privileged urban cocoons.

Fast Food Nation: An Appetite for Litigation
"If government is willing to regulate, force disclosure of fat and calorie content, get fast food out of schools, put more health foods in vending machines, install bike racks and showers at public buildings to encourage more exercise, and so on, great," he said in an interview. "But if government does with obesity what it did with tobacco, which is largely nothing, then we may be forced to go to our third branch, the legal system."

Fast Food Nation: An Appetite for Litigation
America, as we all know, is the fattest nation on the planet and getting fatter all the time. According to a report by the US Surgeon-General, released a few months ago, 61 per cent of Americans are now significantly overweight, compared with 55 per cent in the early 1990s, and 46 per cent in the late 1970s. Obesity generates $117bn in annual medical bills and triggers 300,000 premature deaths each year. : Woman Recalls Encounter With 9/11 Leader
He also remarked about the lack of security in the building, pointing specifically to a safe behind Bryant's desk. "He asked me what would prevent him from going behind my desk and cutting my throat and making off with the millions of dollars in that safe," said Bryant, who explained that there was no money in the safe because loans are never given in cash, and also that she was trained in karate.
"He wanted to know how, once he became settled down in the United States, how he could take that kind of training," she says.
Bryant turned him down for the loan because as a non-U.S. citizen he did not meet the basic eligibility requirements and because the program is intended for actual farming purposes. But she referred him to other government agencies and to a bank downstairs.

I, for one, would find it difficult to be so unfailingly helpful after someone offered to slit my throat.

Monday, June 10

Greetings Earthwomen.

I am Kham from the planet Krobernorz. I have traveled many years to meet you. Fourteen of your years ago, our planet suffered a cataclysmic event, forever affecting our future. A race of opposite gender aliens has invaded Krobernorz and have mandated that they will destroy all of us unless we mate with them and become their boyfriends. Obviously, we are very confused.

I have been sent by my superiors to "date", and record the social interactions between your genders. Until recently on Korbernorz we had only one gender. I fear this "dating" will be a difficult task.

I seek your help. I have found your "Internet". Please help. You are our last hope.

I have assumed the shape of a 29-year old male human being and have taken up residence in Midtown Manhattan. My mission must not fail.

Yahoo! News - Mob Boss John Gotti Dies at Age 61
Married in 1960, John Sr. and his wife, the former Victoria DiGiorgio, had four other children — daughters Victoria, a successful romance author, and Angela; and sons Peter and Frank.
In 1980, at 12, Frank was killed by a neighbor's car while riding his minibike. Though ruled blameless by police, the neighbor was abducted weeks later and never seen again. No charges were ever brought.

John Gotti dies.

An Actual Internet Success Story
''There used to be a romance to it,'' he says. ''Now you're just a person who schleps. People have the idea that the book trade is a polite business for gentlemen. In fact, it's a lot more like the Mafia.'' He remembers how one dealer beat another with a tire iron in a dispute over a book and how a dealer was arrested for stealing the contents of an entire store when he realized the store's owner had died.

An Actual Internet Success Story

Then gradually, as the months went by, I began to see these people develop their own angles or niches. One friend, a teacher, was supplementing his regular income by scouring for science-fiction and fantasy paperbacks. His particular gimmick was to put together entire sets of books by writers that only the comic book geeks knew about. ''A rich lawyer in Seattle paid me $250 the other day for an entire set of Tarzan paperbacks by Edgar Rice Burroughs that I'd picked up for 25 cents a pop,'' he says. ''There's a couple in England who pay $8 for any Michael Moorcock paperback. Why do they do this? Because I'm making it easy for them.''

Sunday, June 9

Why the U.S. Will Always Be Rich
The average household in America now pulls in about $42,000 a year. The average household headed by someone with a college degree makes $71,400 a year. A professional degree pushes average household income to more than $100,000. If you are, say, a member of one of those college-grad households with a family income of around $75,000, you probably make more than 95 percent of the people on this planet. You are richer than 99.9 percent of the human beings who have ever lived. You are stinking rich.
You may start the day with good intentions in your heart and one of those simplicity magazines by your side. You may tell yourself that today you are going to renounce material things. You're going to slow down and savor the moment. So you break out the seaside-scent candles, fill up the claw-foot tub with fluoridated water and tub tea, and just soak with a volume of Robert Frost in your hand and some brown-sugar-based body wash on the shelf

Middle of the Middle Class

Saturday, June 8 - Home > News > Full Story
In 1986 Cyc asked whether it was human. That same year it asked whether any other computers were engaged in such a project.

Friday, June 7

It starts out simply. You sneak a few crackers into your library carrel to stave off hunger. And then one day, you find yourself shooting a can of "Snackin Cheez" straight into your mouth. It is not a proud moment.

The Daily Camera: Nation/world The pond also has a mysterious astrological alignment that is found in other Native American sites it is 20 degrees west of north.
If the pond and canal system stans up to further scrutiny, the find could prove to be the oldest Indian canal system found in this country, Carr said.
Carr also said the find will rival the discovery of the Miami Circle, the mysterious stone Indian ruins in downtown Miami that were found in 1998 when an apartment complex was torn down.

"Lagaan" is said to be the most ambitious, expensive and successful Bollywood film ever made, and has been a box-office hit all over the world. Starring Aamir Khan, who is one of the top Indian heartthrobs, it was made with an eye to overseas audiences: If "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" could break out of the martial-arts ghetto and gross $150 million, then why not a Bollywood movie for non-Indians? It has succeeded in jumping its genre; it won an Academy Award nomination this year as best foreign film, and has been rolling up amazing per-screen averages in North American theaters.

Thursday, June 6

Eventually a new nest of fratboy law students moved in (it was never clear exactly when the changing of the guard occurred; I think that they were all friends-of-friends. Once you get fratboy law students, it seems, you can never get rid of them. They're like roaches.)

DNA Lounge: DNA Sequencing
It's pretty ironic that, when these bands travel with so much gear (presumably in an attempt to live out their Van Halen rockstar fantasies of 80' speaker stacks on 200' wide stages, with flight-harnesses and Stonehenge dropping from the ceiling and whatnot) what happens when they play non-stadium venues is that there's so much gear on stage that none of them can move! They want to feel they have a big show, and it results in them not being able to shuffle two feet from their assigned spots. Whereas bands with more realistic (and no less loud) amounts of gear have plenty of room to run around...

Small Players Matter
People have very individual needs on the Web. Google has indexed over 2 billion pages, and gets about 3-5 billion search queries a month. There are probably over 40 million web sites (Netcraft found 37 million based on unique hostnames, and you need to add millions more personal and small business web sites that are sub-domains of places like GeoCities, Tripod, and Somehow, many of those web sites get read, too. - Page2 - I've got your U.S. boys' backs
As soon as the bus leaves, they all whip out their laptops and start working in "Photoshop" on the images they've been taking for the last four days. Despite all the dark rooms and wet areas at the media centers, 95 percent of the photographers at the World Cup are taking digital pictures with professional cameras that cost thousands and thousands of dollars. They will take hundreds of pictures before, after and during the game and e-mail them all back to their agencies and papers right after.

Wednesday, June 5

Bubble Town, soap bubble fun and magic - Bubble formula
( – John Ashcroft, likely inspired while rolling around on the plush carpet of the Attorney General's office during a sudden onset of speaking in tongues, has given the FBI new powers for domestic spying. FBI Director Robert Mueller, ever-vigilant for the rights of Americans, assured the public that the Bureau's agents had been "hampered" by bureaucratic restrictions, his tone and substance closely resembling an American executive grumbling about the Environmental Protection Agency's having hampered sluicing operations of toxic sludge into wetlands.

The FBI is now free, in the great, "no damn fed'rah regulation" tradition of Enron or Silverado savings and loan, to pursue its goals. Only this is not just another crooked corporation chiseling people's savings, but a secret police force with vast powers and an unwholesome history.

Special: Borg Like Me?
What I've learned from all this is that the subjective process of becoming a cyborg, in the hardwired sense, greatly suppresses one's appetite for objective theorizing about it. Where "wounds are openings to possibilities," as the French technocultural critic Jean Baudrillard once suggested, they are equally openings to infection.

Tuesday, June 4

MIT's Building 20: Design: Institute Archives & Special Collections: MIT
It is said that Building 20 was designed in one day. The barracks style is plain, and many people would describe the building as shabby, dingy, or unpretentious. However, as Stewart Brand astutely points out in his book, How Buildings Learn: What Happens to Buildings After They're Built, Building 20's lack of style and its low-visibility have allowed its occupants to be wonderfully creative and successful within its walls. - Congestion wears on wireless - June 2, 2002
For now, such problems can usually be resolved by coordinating and adjusting settings, said Matthew Gast, author of "802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide." But coordination can be difficult, he notes, when competing networks aren't centrally run by the same company.

New Car Review: Ford Taurus and the Volvo 850, female, women, ladies, car, truck, automobiles, minivan, SUV
The space and versatility of wagons create a valuable package. The station wagon marries the best qualities of personal transportation. Two of the safest station wagons are Ford's Taurus and Volvo's 850.

Project 1
The family station wagon has many functions. First and foremost, a station wagon provides the family with a comfortable vehicle that can hold the entire family as well as the belongings they need for a vacation. They can hold all the groceries in addition to the lawn mower, lumber, and other big items the family needs. Families have also been known to use the station wagon as a home away from home. They are perfect for camping trips, because the cargo bay can be turned into a bed if need be. One of the most familiar functions of station wagons is their employment during "tailgate" parties.

Monday, June 3

McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Letters From Elizabeth Miller's Dad, Who Fights Fires While Flying a Helicopter.
In my college days, I was a ditch-digger for a gas company. There is a certain way to dig with a shovel that yields twice the ditch with half the effort. My sixty-four-year-old workmate then, Pappy, watched me dig for a few days before he finally got fed up with my inefficiency. He showed me the secret of how to use a shovel, and then I was a ditch-digging machine. Later, Pappy showed me the biggest secret of all, one of life's greatest mysteries, how to back up a trailer.

I Fought Saddam...and Saved a Bundle!
The all-girl band "Skin Tight" picked up several of us one night for free rock 'n roll as well as a chance at the microphone. Better yet, consider this exchange that happened at one of the local miniature golf courses:
Me: "How much is golf?"
Owner: "Five dollars."
Me: "Even if you're a Bona Fide Desert Storm Veteran?"
Owner: "Here's two free passes."
Not everything worked that way. The tolls for the bridges into New York range are $4 to $5. One sailor tried this:
Sailor: "The mayor said Navy people could use this bridge for free."
Toll collector: "The mayor doesn't own this bridge."

Saturday, June 1

Music Industry Unveils Piracy-Proof Format
Music bosses have unveiled a revolutionary new recording format that they hope
will help win the war on illegal file sharing which is thought to be costing the
industry millions of dollars in lost revenue.
Nicknamed the 'Record', the new format takes the form of a black, vinyl disc
measuring 12 inches in diameter, which must be played on a specially designed

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