Saturday, June 22

IBM Z50: $300! - Brighthand discussion board I went ahead and did the hard reset as suggested on the IBM Wordpad forum. Suddenly both CF cards started to work fine. I have since run several apps from both of the cards, backed up and restored, saved and deleted with no problems.
It just seemed crazy to me that three minutes after I pulled this z50 out of the box that I would have to reset it to fix the CF card problem. So when the IBM forum suggested that I do this, I ignored the suggestion, figuring it was senseless. My wife tells me it must be a "man thing," that I refused to follow IBM's instructions.
If you are still having trouble with the CF cards, I would suggest the hard reset.
The CF card renaming problem is still there (a CE quirk). You know, each time you turn on the HPC your cards get renamed - storage card2, storage card6, etc...this creates a problem when you attempt to use shortcuts on the desktop to run apps on a CF card (NOT recommended.)


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