Tuesday, January 18


Monday, January 17

How I Learned To Pitch - A Seattle Mariners coach teaches me to throw a change-up, and much more. By Eric Liu: "Over the last two and a half years, I traveled across the country in search of life-changing teachers and mentors from all different walks. I met race-car drivers, Indian potters, ballet dancers, rappers, research scientists, law professors, Montessori teachers, aerobatic pilots, master carpenters, and many others. The book that emerged from those travels is called Guiding Lights. "

Today we bought a Siamese Fighting Fish, or a Betta Splendens for my Joey's 1-gallon Christmas aquarium. Now all we have to do is get a white Persian kitten for Desi and I'll be almost ready to rule the world. I don't suppose they're going to change the name to "Iraqi" kitten any time soon.

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