Friday, August 13


Scrubs guy has a weblog.

The guy from Scrubs, who just made the movie "Garden State" has a
weblog, and its pretty funny at times:

We took the kids rafting down the Jordan river at 7pm Wednesday.
Christine waited for us by the bridge. By the time I rowed all the
way to the bridge, it was just starting to get dark and Christine had
called the police. Joey was screaming, "I want to park the boat and
get in the white van RIGHT NOW." Other than that it was pretty cool.
We saw dozens of fish in groups of 4-5, swimming with their backs just
out of the water. When our little inflatable raft would approach they
would dive with a huge splash. I may get an electronic trolling
motor. 2 mph is much faster than I can row. Too bad they don't make
Kayaks that seat five.

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