Thursday, August 29

Mac OS X Hints - Replace the built-in FTP server
Apple's built-in FTP server, which is started by clicking a button in the Sharing prefs panel, is probably sufficient for most users. It gives easy access to your machine via FTP, but has some limitations. If you wish to allow others to FTP to your machine, you need to create an OS X account for each user. If you want those users restricted to their home directory, you need to create an 'ftpchroot' file that limits their access. Other more advanced tasks, such as space limitations, require further tweaking to the FTP server.

Mac OS X Hints - Get the most from X! - Documentation

Integrating Mac OS X And Novell eDirectory - Intro

Manage Your Domain - Login

Friday, August 23

"I'd like to make contact with the person who did this—not to get him or her into trouble, but because it's a lot of fun and it is a good job," Maxwell said. "However, I must make clear that I would not like to see this happen to one of my photographs again. It is wrong to take images from a Web site without permission." Maxwell said he has sold quite a few photographs as a result of the attention the hoax has drawn to his work.

Doh! The imitator gave him free publicity, made him a lot of money, and he still hops aboard the Waaaah-mbulance. Geesh.

Thursday, August 22

Servers and dynamic IP addresses.

Take that, Net administrator jackboots!

Saturday, August 17

Latest OS X upgrade.

Friday, August 2

Jac Holzman's Follow The Music: Stuff You Don't Know About The '60's
This was electricity married to content. We were hearing music with lyrics that had meaning, with a rock beat, drums and electric guitars, Mike Bloomfield keening as if squeezing out his final note on this planet. Absolutely stunning. All the parallel strains of music over the years coalesced for me in that moment. It was like a sunrise after a storm, when all is clean . . . all is known.
Then suddenly we heard booing, like pockets of wartime flak. The audience had split into two separate and opposing camps. It grew into an awesome barrage of catcalls and hisses. It was very strange, because I couldn't believe that those people weren't hearing the wonderful stuff I was hearing.

Hard Disk DJ's 'Spinning' MP3s
Pioneer is promising for September the DMP-555, an MP3 player it says will include scratch capabilities and pitch controls normally available only to conventional DJs. And Gem Sound has the MP3X-Pro mixer, which allows digitally downloaded music to be stored in the unit itself.

WarLog: World War III by Jeff Jarvis
The King's English
: Should I be worried that the King of Jordan speaks far better English -- more articulate, better pronounced, more intelligent -- than the President of the United States?
Yes, I think I should be worried

Thursday, August 1

Yahoo! News - Natural high wipes out bad memories
Normal mice quickly stopped reacting to the tone once it was not associated with a shock, but the genetically modified mice without the cannabinoid receptor took much longer to forget their fear. - Bonnie Blog Big Changes:
After spending the last 10 years writing for Web-driven journalism for dotcoms, I've decided to halt the quest a computer day job, and start my education as a horticulture student. No joke. I'm headed back to college.
I've realized that I've been fed up with the market for Web editors (what market?) and I need to make a change. I want a career that gets me outside and my hands dirty. I want to design gardens and to inspire people to get out and plant tasty herbs and breathtaking flowers. Yup, that's the plan.
In the past year since I was laid off from, I've been experimenting, researching and learning all about gardening. I have a thriving container garden and more houseplants than my boyfriend knows what to do with. (Poor guy.)

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