Monday, August 7

YouTube - somewhere over the rainbow

Wonderful ukulele medley and video.

Saturday, August 5

Internet Truthiness | MetaFilter: "I've always been a big fan of Al Gore's, and after years of observation, I get the impression that in a place deep down and well-insulated inside Al Gore is a man who wouldn't do a thing to oppose a violent, bloody and comprehensive revolution, if one were to start.

And I like that.

I can't wait to see if he makes an appearance in the upcoming Futurama episodes."

Wednesday, August 2


token nature shot from the backyard. Posted by Picasa


More Mirror Lake. Posted by Picasa


Ezra at the rotary park. Posted by Picasa


Christine with some of the kids in our raft (which has a slow leak now) at Mirror lake last weekend. Posted by Picasa

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