Sunday, November 23

On 10/24/2000 I wrote: "There are a lot of really smart geek conservatives voting for Bush, and I just can't figure it out. Are they voting for the platform? Because the man himself just comes across as a real clueless gomer. Not that Gore has a personality."

Thursday, November 13

Our public library allows you any two of the following options: an outlet, quiet, or wifi.

The great thing about Ping.Fm is that you can update all of your social networking sites at once, leading to a barrage of trojan friend spam.

Tuesday, November 11

Working in the noisy section of the library, by an outlet. Earplug in one ear, candy wrapper jammed in the other.

If I was Bill and Ted and brought Lincoln to the mall, I'd totally keep him out of the bookstore, especially the biography section.

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