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Music is free to download The Italian Miles Davis

I, Cringely | The Pulpit "Small corrections, since Jack was no longer involved after 11/80: I did the first version of ROM BIOS for delivery of the first prototype to Microsoft on Dec 1, 1980 (Ballmer answered the door when we showed up), but it was extended and revised through April of 1981. We published more than the interfaces for BIOS -- we published the entire assembly code listing (it took me a week to edit it into a single file for publication) and the entire schematics for the hardware in the Technical Reference Manual. I've always thought we did that as a way to get done quickly, rather than trying to write an architectural specification of the interfaces."

Thanks to Dave Bradley's thoroughness, then, Compaq, Dell, and the other IBM PC cloners today have a $400 billion global business.

Wednesday, November 28

EPE "Basic Soldering Guide" Here's a summary of how to make the perfect solder joint.
All parts must be clean and free from dirt and grease.
Try to secure the work firmly.
"Tin" the iron tip with a small amount of solder. Do this immediately, with new tips being used for the first time.
Clean the tip of the hot soldering iron on a damp sponge.
Many people then add a tiny amount of fresh solder to the cleansed tip.
Heat all parts of the joint with the iron for under a second or so.
Continue heating, then apply sufficient solder only, to form an adequate joint.
Remove and return the iron safely to its stand.
It only takes two or three seconds at most, to solder the average p.c.b. joint.
Do not move parts until the solder has cooled.
Troubleshooting Guide
Solder won't "take" - grease or dirt present - desolder and clean up the parts. Or, material may not be suitable for soldering with lead/tin solder.
Joint is crystalline or grainy-looking - has been moved before being allowed to cool, or joint was not heated adequately - too small an iron/ too large a joint.
Solder joint forms a "spike" - probably overheated, burning away the flux.

Tuesday, November 27

"It's an intentional style, and more difficult to achieve than it seems -- prose so plain and clear that it reads like a subway map. It is also a particular outlook. Last spring in Monkton, Parker said to me, "What I've brought is a democratic view. I don't give a shit that your family goes back to pre-Revolution and you've got more wealth than I could imagine. If this wine's no good, I'm gonna say so." '

A Practical Way to Make Power From Wasted Heat Current thermoelectric technology converts only about 10 percent of the heat it absorbs into electricity, too inefficient a return for widespread use. The new devices, however, reach about 17 percent, and Dr. Hagelstein said future devices should be able to improve upon that significantly.
It is impossible to transform 100 percent of the heat into electricity. The laws of physics dictate a theoretical maximum of about 50 percent at the temperature a thermoelectric device operates at. Current commercial thermoelectric devices, at 10 percent efficiency, get only one-fifth the maximum. Using the new technology, future devices should be able to achieve more than half the maximum.

Monday, November 26

Yagelski, "Computers, Literacy, and Being"

very cool.

Wednesday, November 21

 Hawkins insists he isn’t abandoning Handspring and that he spends the bulk of his time at the company. But he hopes to complete his book and build a silicon machine modeled on pattern-completion memory. “I’m positive about the theory,” he says. “I’m more sure of this than anything else in my life.”

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Mankato, MN Home Page

Read this. I had no idea.

High School Speech by Peace Prof Raises Ire Published on Tuesday, November 20, 2001 in the Boston Herald
High School Speech by Peace Prof Raises Ire
by Ed Hayward

School officials are being asked to justify a recent speech given by peace activist Howard Zinn at Newton North High School in which he equated the U.S. military strikes in Afghanistan with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
The controversial historian and former Boston University professor stressed that the U.S. bombing raids aimed at toppling the Taliban and hunting down fugitive terror boss Osama bin Laden were killing children and innocent civilians.
``The terrorists of Sept. 11 did a horrible thing to us, so we do terrible things to the people of Afghanistan. That is immoral and puts us on the same level as a terrorist,'' Zinn was quoted as saying in a report in the school newspaper.
Parents questioned exposing young teens to Zinn's opinions.

The New York Observer “Everybody would come up to me on the street and say, ‘Are you writing? Are you writing?’ And it became a burden. I just went, ‘No, I don’t do that anymore.’”

Phil Agre book review:

Tom Kelley, The Art of Innovation: Lessons in Creativity from IDEO,
America's Leading Design Firm, Doubleday, 2001. IDEO, as you surely
know by now, is the leading industrial design firm. This book is a
how-to derived from its celebrated techniques of innovation. It is
not perfect -- to benefit from it, you have to cut through its Tom
Peters turbo-charged gee-whiz writing style. And on first reading,
much of its advice will seem like common sense. But persevere. Ask
yourself: if this stuff is such common sense, why aren't you doing it?
There are just some things that we all need to be told: put together
an interdisciplinary team of fun people who respect one another, go
looking at what people actually do, brainstorm a hundred ideas, shoot
the bad ones, build dozens of prototypes, and keep everyone in the
loop until it's a real manufactured product. The stories are great,
and to really appreciate them you should keep handy a copy of IDEO's
coffee-table book: Jeremy Myerson, IDEO: Masters of Innovation, King,
2001. In a sense you only learn this material through stories: you
need conceptual frameworks, but the conceptual frameworks themselves
are rather simply and become alive only in the process of applying
them to real cases. On the other hand, because it claims to package
IDEO's skills for other companies to use, the book underplays
the skills of IDEO's own employees, particularly the ones that they
brought with them from innovative academic design schools such as
the Royal College of Art. But okay, if the stories get you motivated
to try the methods for yourself, then they've done their job.

Independent News There are other stories of suicides. Northern Alliance troops say foreign Taliban fighters have been blowing themselves up with grenades as soldiers try to capture them. Mr Omar talked about a second incident, in which Alliance fighters saw about 60 foreign fighters jump into a river near the town of Emam Sahib.

I've got to reread Dune. This is so alien.


From Dave Farber's IP list:

You don't have to like Richard Dawkins' politics or believe in the 

>ontological reality of memes [see note below] to recognize that there's a
>remarkable similarity between epidemiological notions and the phenomena of
>terrorism. Smallpox was eradicated by the application of four basic
>principles that can easily be extended to apply to terrorism itself:
>* distinguish among toxins, diseases, and infectious agents: bombs,
>suicide detonations, and terroristic tracts and schools, respectively.
>* immunization of threatened populations: education in the futility of
>terrorism and provision of alternative conflict-resolution options. Many
>commentators have attributed terrorism to the helplessness of third world
>poverty; it would be marvelous to see actual data on "natural experiments"
>that show causation rather than mere correlation.
>* eradication of reserviors of infection ("draining the swamps") -
>destruction of terrorist training camps, replacement of governments
>supporting terrorism, and interdiction of organized financial support.
>* quarrantine of both reservoirs and individual infected victims:
>embargoes against state sponsors and imprisonment of terrorism advocates.
>This point suggests that censorship of communications may be more
>effective than sanctions against material trade. Of course there are
>enforcement problems for, say, books smuggled inside bags of grain.
>Clearly this vastly oversimplifies the problem of terrorism, but I hope it
>also shows the great opportunities for valuable research.

It's not often that the IT industry can hold up a glass and toast a gaggle of geese for doing what IT managers, system administrators and supreme court judges have wanted to do for years.

T >> MiniDisc <-> MP3 >> Sony MZ-R70 [ PC to Sony MZ-R70 MP3-MiniDisc Recording

Monday, November 19

MOVABLE TYPE :: Personal Publishing System November 5, 2001 | 12:13 AM
Version 1.2 Released
We have released a new version of Movable Type, version 1.2. Existing users of either version 1.0 or version 1.1 should use the upgrade distribution to update their MT installation, and should follow the new upgrade instructions.
In addition to bug fixes and improvements to general stability, this release adds the following features:
Ability to export entries from Movable Type for backup purposes, or for importing into another blog (more information)

When uploading images meant for popup windows, Movable Type will now create an HTML file to surround the image in the popup window, which fixes browser offset problems (more information)

Ability to link templates to external files, which allows templates to be edited through a standard text editor, then automatically synchronized with the Movable Type database (more information)

Greymatter comments can now be imported, either along with your Greymatter entries, or--if you have already imported your GM entries--without them

Implemented the Recently Updated List (more information)

Movable Type will now run on perl 5.004_04 (previously it required 5.005_03)

Added support for the XML-RPC ping (more information)

Search Results Humanities & Social Sciences, 600 S Clyde Morris Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114
The Department of Humanities & Social Sciences at Embry-Riddle University invites applications for a generalist in English, tenure-track, at the rank of Assistant Professor. The successful applicant will have university-level experience in and commitment to teaching freshman composition, as well as interest/expertise in one or more of the following areas: (1) interdisciplinary humanities;(2) literature(field open);(3) technology and culture. Faculty commitment is primarily in the realm of general education, with teaching responsibilities at the freshman-sophomore level and in upper-division courses. Humanities & Social Sciences is a large and diverse department serving the needs of a diverse student body enrolled chiefly in technological disciplines. Teaching load is 12 hrs/sem. Terminal degree in discipline required. Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. To apply, please send letter of application, vita, and the names of three references to: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Human Resource Department, 600 S. Clyde-Morris Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114, or fax to: (386) 323-5060 or apply by email to: EOE M/F/D/V :: Beware the mutant...

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All Things Considered - August 14, 1998 Friday Sports Talk -- Noah talks to sports reporter Stephen Fatsis who just returned from the National Scrabble Championships. Fatsis describes the colorful scene, the fierce competition, and the final winner, Brian Cappelletto. (4:00)


Re:What does that give ya? (Score:5, Insightful)
by dillon_rinker (dillonunderscorerinkerathotmaildotcom) on Wednesday November 14, @10:51AM (#2563611)
(User #17944 Info |
the bit that was removed is not needed to understand the movie (then why did the director put it in?)

Apparently you live in a world where all directors are ascetic celibates. However, in my world, directors often add nude scenes because they like to see live nude girls doing what they tell them to do. About Basic Instinct, the American writer gave some song and dance about the artistic necessity of the nudity and sexual situations in the film...the Dutch director was much more straightforward. He liked looking at naked women. I doubt that you disapprove of his opinions. Why then do you disapprove of the opinions of people who DON'T want to look at naked women?

What this thing produces are censored versions of movies.
The word is "expurgated." You apparently live in a world where if a person denies anything to themself, then Big Brother won't let them watch it. (Censorship is editing by others). If someone else wants to avoid hearing profanity, or vulgarity, or obscenity, why not let them? If you have the right to hear those words in a movie, why should someone else not have the right to NOT hear those words?

It's great that directors can do anything they want to with their films. Fair use lets other people

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Transcript Order Form BYU Transcript Order Form

Yahoo Decides to Grow Up As it embarks on a focused strategy to make more money, the company also said youth and arrogance were "out" and experience and humility were "in."

indie pop live

Slashdot | Convert Movies From R to PG13 to PG On The Fly Roger Ebert: The fundamental problem with the MPAA is that it avoids making any kind of common-sense evaluation of a film, and simply counts f-words and evaluates nudity. ''Waking Life,'' one of the most affirmative and challenging films I can imagine for smart teenagers, gets the R rating, while the thriller ''Domestic Disturbance,'' which shows a small child exposed to a murder, an incineration, the beating of his mother (leading to a miscarriage) and the beating of his father, after which the kid himself causes an electrocution, gets the PG-13--presumably because there is no nudity and the language stays below the cut-off point. What sane parent would prefer their teenager to see ''Domestic Disturbance'' rather than "Waking Life''?

Passenger Prompts Landing At Dulles ( Agnes Ortiz said her son is not a terrorist. "No way, he's Navajo -- Native American -- from this country. We were here before all you people," she said.

Passenger Prompts Landing At Dulles ( Two sky marshals -- one with a gun drawn -- and a third man ordered Ortiz to get on the ground. He complied without a struggle, Cannon said. He "kept saying: 'I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just wanted to go to the bathroom.' "

Fake or Photo?

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IrfanView - Freeware Graphic Viewer

plans News | "A struggle for the soul of the 21st century" I honestly believe it's very important if you want to understand the world in which you live that you see September the 11th as the dark side of all the benefits we've gotten from tearing down the walls, collapsing the distances and spreading the information that we have across the world. We have not changed human nature, we have not solved all the problems, and there are a lot of people that see the world differently than we do. You cannot collapse walls, collapse differences and spread information without making yourself more vulnerable to forces of destruction. You cannot claim the benefits of this new world without becoming more vulnerable at home.

Monday, November 12

Review Of Ballots Finds Bush Still Winner However, the review also found that Gore may have defeated Bush if he pursued a full statewide recount, instead of the partial recount.

DON'T YOU KNOW THERE'S A WAR ON? DENVER -- United Airlines Flight 1240 to Washington last Wednesday had just pulled out of the clouds when the captain's voice came over the loudspeaker, saying:
"Good afternoon ... Unfortunately our country is at war. People are out to destroy us. Political correctness is out now. If you see anything suspicious, be ready to fight. Do not act like sheep and be led to your death. Be ready to fight ..."
I didn't get all the rest of it before he wished us a pleasant flight and reminded us to remain in our seats until he turned off the seatbelt sign.

Saturday, November 10

Science -- Kelly 279 (5353): 992 The third culture creates new tools faster than new theories, because tools lead to novel discoveries quicker than theories do. The third culture has little respect for scientific credentials because while credentials may imply greater understanding, they don't imply greater innovation. The third culture will favor the irrational if it brings options and possibilities, because new experiences trump rational proof.

kalsey :: Rant

Windows 2000 Hints & Tips

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Welcome to WorkingForChange A sore press corps is a better press corps
Laura Flanders -

CIA tried to listen to Soviets with eavesdropping feline "They slit the cat open, put batteries in him, wired him up. The tail was used as an antenna. They made a monstrosity. They tested him and tested him. They found he would walk off the job when he got hungry, so they put another wire in to override that,'' he said.

LaunchPlug : MemPlug & Launche Visors CAN NOT upgrade their OS at this time. Handspring releases patches from time to time, but never one large enough to bring a 3.5 OS Platinum up to a 4.0 OS. That means that All Visors are stuck with either 3.0.x or 3.5.x OS versions, without any VFS capabilities. Unless you own a MemPlug and install PiVFSmgr as well. Using a MemPlug and PiVFSmgr will add VFS enabled capabilities to your Visor, almost exactly like other PDAs with OS 4.0 installed. It isn't a perfect version, as MemPlug will tell you, but it is very close and will allow Visor owners to run most VFS enabled programs just like the "other" PDAs.
So what does the VFS enabled option do? Very simply, it lets you store the databases of programs you like to use on external media, while the programs themselves remain on your Visor internal memory. If the database is changed in some way (added to or parts removed) then the changes can even be saved back to the external memory card.
On the other hand, this tutorial shows you how to trick your Visor into thinking that almost any other program is visible from an external memory card, and allows you to store the entire program on your external media. The downside is that in this case the programs would be stored on external media while the databases must remain on your Visor internal memory. This is the opposite of how true VFS enabled programs often work.

American Irish Speaking of lunch, this is for all my brothers and sisters in the digital media industry of America: it's nice not to eat lunch at your desk, and to take an hour or so and leave the building. Outside, during the day, there are other people and stuff. I recommend trying it, it's good for the soul. Leave your desk and eat a proper lunch, and think of me while you drink your double decaf soy latte.

Thursday, November 8

>Subject: latest revelation from The Department of Truth Management
>Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 16:31:37 -0500
>From: "Mike O'Dell"
> Gates also took some credit for the genesis of open-source
> software. He said Microsoft made it possible by standardizing
> computers: "Really, the reason you see open source there at all
> is because we came in and said there should be a platform that's
> identical with millions and millions of machines," he said.
>This is like an Anthrax bacillus taking credit for mail delivery.

I, Cringely | The Pulpit The fact that Microsoft makes in excess of 90 percent of the profit of the entire software industry, well that's just the happy result of a lot of hard work. Pay no mind to that $36 billion they have in the bank.

New Cringely!

This American Life | 1998 archive The story of a White House Scandal from the year 1881. President James Garfield lay dying of a gunshot wound during the summer of 1881. But because our nation is crazy when it comes to the President, and because the White House is a national movie screen onto which we project a whole array of fears and misplaced idealism, Americans projected one of the big fears of the day onto Garfield. Namely, the fear of sewer gas. Rumors abounded that Garfield was not dying from the bullet in his back, but from vapors rising from the antiquated White House toilets. It became so serious that an independent expert was brought in to give a bipartisan assessment of the problem. The Senate voted to spend $300,000 to build a new White House, a sanitary one, right next to the original White House. And it would be nice to believe that all of this was the kind of hysteria that was only possible before the germ theory of disease was proven. But in fact, now we know how diseases are transmitted. Now that we know that there's no such thing as "sewer gas." But still, when it comes to germs, and our fear of disease, we are still irrational beings.

Le Carre: A War We Cannot Win (1) Now Bakunin in his grave and bin Laden in his cave must be rubbing their hands in glee as we embark on the very process that terrorists of their stamp so relish: as we hastily double up our police and intelligence forces and award them greater powers, as we put basic civil rights on hold and curtail press freedom, impose news blackpoints and secret censorship, spy on ourselves and, at our worst, violate mosques and hound luckless citizens in our streets because we are afraid of the color of their skin.

Tuesday, November 6

Ftrain: Cleaning My Room The first few times they came to visit, that scratching filled me with horror, going on for hours at night, during which I would lie awake and wonder when they would break through, and how many there were, and if they would eat me.

Ftrain: Cleaning My Room ``I'm not confident, right now, that I'm staying in the right place,'' she said. ``What's in there? A human arm? Your ex-girlfriend? I haven't seen you in a few years, and you won't let me look in your fridge. Anything could have happened.''
``It's just a problem I'm having. I could explain it, but I don't want you to be as disappointed in me as I know you would be if I told you the whole story. It's just in your best interest to leave it alone. I only want you to enjoy your time in New York.''
``And I'll enjoy it less if I look in, say, your freezer?''
``Given that the freezer is inside the fridge, yes, I think so. I think that would make you feel sad, and concerned for my well-being.''

Barnett Williams' Recumbent Page Source of the muffler bent.

Optimild muffler recumbent

This thing is sweet!

The Muffler Frame Recumbent The main tube:
This pipe should be made from 2 inch muffler pipe. The standard wall thickness is 1.5 mm or 0.60 inch or 16 gauge. This is the desirable thickness for adequate stiffness. Do not get anything too much thicker or weight becomes too great.

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gladwell dot com--Drugstore Athlete It is hard to believe, for instance, that the sprinter Florence Griffith Joyner, the star of the Seoul games, was clean. Before 1988, her best times in the hundred metres and the two hundred metres were, respectively, 10.96 and 21.96. In 1988, a suddenly huskier FloJo ran 10.49 and 21.34, times that no runner since has even come close to equalling. In other words, at the age of twenty-eight--when most athletes are beginning their decline--Griffith Joyner transformed herself in one season from a career-long better-than-average sprinter to the fastest female sprinter in history.

The Sims Take on Al Qaeda Lustick has run these types of programs more than 10,000 times in the last three years to examine the effect of social trends and government policies on anti-American sentiment and terrorism in the Middle East. He is looking for ways that seemingly small actions have big consequences.

"I think about terrorism in terms of popcorn," he said. "You assume you'll always have some kernels that are going to pop. How much lower does the temperature have to get before you have a dramatic decrease in the ability of terrorists to operate?"

The Sims Take on Al Qaeda In the new war against terrorism, with its infinite possibilities for unpredictable violence, the military is attempting to understand jihad through the infinitely patient and dogged computer. "Interesting things happen," said Michael Zyda, who is leading the Navy's simulation project here, "things you didn't expect."

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[Wylug-help] Apache Suexec problem.

This is my problem too. Sob.

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List Download

List DB and great tools to go with it, for the palm.

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