Friday, November 9

LaunchPlug : MemPlug & Launche Visors CAN NOT upgrade their OS at this time. Handspring releases patches from time to time, but never one large enough to bring a 3.5 OS Platinum up to a 4.0 OS. That means that All Visors are stuck with either 3.0.x or 3.5.x OS versions, without any VFS capabilities. Unless you own a MemPlug and install PiVFSmgr as well. Using a MemPlug and PiVFSmgr will add VFS enabled capabilities to your Visor, almost exactly like other PDAs with OS 4.0 installed. It isn't a perfect version, as MemPlug will tell you, but it is very close and will allow Visor owners to run most VFS enabled programs just like the "other" PDAs.
So what does the VFS enabled option do? Very simply, it lets you store the databases of programs you like to use on external media, while the programs themselves remain on your Visor internal memory. If the database is changed in some way (added to or parts removed) then the changes can even be saved back to the external memory card.
On the other hand, this tutorial shows you how to trick your Visor into thinking that almost any other program is visible from an external memory card, and allows you to store the entire program on your external media. The downside is that in this case the programs would be stored on external media while the databases must remain on your Visor internal memory. This is the opposite of how true VFS enabled programs often work.


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