Thursday, January 29

Currently missing:

Cell phone (again) --but no big deal, because I am letting the service lapse.
Two dissertation books: Cynthia Selfe's, and Literacy and Computers. I just can afford the $100 to replace these right now. Where did they go? Arrrgh.

Saturday, January 10

I have a cold. It felt like such a small, wimpy little cold that I ignored my patented cold-busting regimen. Now I am hacking up golf balls of phlegm.

Saturday, January 3

Tasks that are occupying my buffer:

1. scheduling courses and instructors
2. Resolve complaint issue with Mr. X
3. Get mysql working. Please, oh please, why in the crap won't mysql ever work for me?
4. Check on status of labs. Install scanners.
5. Write review of blog paper
6. Contact CCCs.
7. Apply for travel funds
8. Build bench
9. Explore ramifications of New Year's goal which is: Increase energy levels
10. Find out why my left foot has been numb for months. Or at least the toes
11. Get Moodle working or buy Filemaker pro server.
12. Review lab budget
13. Return stupid Quark package
14. Write application for laptop (mid-semester)
15. Draw map of technical communications
16. Print out course calendar and add to syllabus.
17. Expand syllabus to include new, brutal attendance policy.

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