Sunday, September 26

Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog: "I have a self-modded xbox too. I have a 130GB hard drive in it and used the exact steps that shepd described above to mod mine. With the exception of actually installing the mod chip, he left that part out and it wasn't easy.

I would never have anything else. For a little under $300.00 I can play new games I can never play on my PC now. A decent sound card and vid card would be way more. I have all of the older game emulators and ROMs I could ever want including MAME and the kids have their new stuff. Add to that a region-free DVD player and the ability to stream media from my network... I'm sorry I ever said a bad word about the xbox. But, like most M$ products, it's not so great until you tweak it the way you want it."

Friday, September 24

OfficeMax.Com - Product Block Page

Friday, September 10

CBS and Internet Fisking | Metafilter: "i'd live a life of sin without fear if i knew karl rove was going to organize and run the campaign to get me into heaven."

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