Tuesday, December 16

bitter pill: it's like no cheese I've ever tasted?: "'Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.' - Wolfgang von Goethe "

Monday, December 15

I am grading today. I hate grading. Every semester I tell myself, "This will be the semester that I put all grading online, and refuse to accept late assignments, and fail everyone who misses class more than five times." Sigh.

Thursday, December 11


Wednesday, December 10

Date: today
Subject: Miss Chick-fil-A Pickle Picker

Dear Miss Chick-fil-A:

The last three times that I have ordered a Chick-fil-A sandwich without a pickle, you went to the back and removed the pickle from an existing sandwich. How do I know this? Because, upon biting into the sandwich I could discern the distinct taste of what I like to call "pickle urine."

It's people like you that create customers like me.

Sunday, December 7

WebCT Login Page: "This server has been locked for maintenance by the WebCT administrator.
The server will be available at 10:00 pm on 12/07/03. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

It is now 12/8, 11:45pm. This is not unusual.

Wednesday, December 3

List of things increasing the level of my stomach acid:

1. End of semester grading
2. department politics
3. college politics
4. dissertation
5. committee politics
6. a general, low-level of smoldering anger about so many things that can't be fixed.
7. Control plays masked as benign paternalism.

Tuesday, December 2

I have found my cell phone (old coat pocket) and bought another grinder attachment to sharpen the shovel, then found the original.

Current favorite form of relaxation: shooting the pellet pistol in the basement at 10m targets. I've been reading pellet gun web pages, and there is a really weird, interesting little subculture out there. I swap match scores with some guy I've never met in England. I find this pellet pistol thing to contain a weird confluence of Southern white guys on fixed incomes discussing zen-like strategies for keeping the pistol still. Followed by spirited defenses of killing squirrels.

I really feel sorry for academics whose identity is so wrapped up in their job that they can't watch a good, stupid video and enjoy it. I feel like I am playing David Lodge's "Shame," but I really liked The Fast and the Furious. It was a great video rental, and connected with about 300 different adolescent fantasies that are still floating about in my psyche. I wanted to go play hot wheels with my kids afterwards.

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