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Peeve Farm
...And that's it. The client doesn't FIN, and the server doesn't ACK. In other words, the connection is kept "half-open" on the server end. The reason for this? Why, to make subsequent connections from IE clients faster. If the connection isn't torn down all the way, all IE has to do is send an HTTP request, with no preamble-- and the server will immediately respond. Ingenious!

They probably called it "Microsoft Active Web AccelerationX™®" or something.

Battery Finder
Triple the power of your IBM ThinkPad 600
You don't need to run out of power at critical moments anymore!
MobyPower is half the price of an OE battery and it significantly extends the portable life of your Laptop!

Battery Specialist - Reference
CGR18650HM 3.7 1630 0.72 /-0.02
(18.3 /-0.5) 2.55 /-0.012
(64.7 /-0.3) — 1.45

Yahoo! Groups : thinkpads Messages : Message 1143 of 1155 Radio Shack also has a supply of the Power Connectors available, for the easy
method, get the connector that already has a cord molded to it, just bring the
laptop to the store and test fit until you find the correct coaxial connector,
just make sure that when you wire the cable to your battery pack that you get
the Plus and Minus on correct on the connector or you will be rewarded with
smoke from the laptop. Note I show a fuse in the Positive lead, it is a very
good idea to FUSE your battery pack, size the

Yahoo! Groups : thinkpads Messages : Message 1142 of 1155 Then you could plug it directly into the power connector on the back of the

Slashdot | Ergonomic Office Equipment?
6. Chairs were a huge problem. If you're putting new chairs in a large unionized shop, do what we did: Let the Union pick the chair. People are pretty picky about where they park their butts all day. We knew that whatever we chose would be hated by someone enough for them to file a grievance. By letting the Union do the choosing, management totally avoided the problem. "You don't like your chair? It hurts your back? Sure, you can file a grievance. Just figure out a way to file it against your own Union! Hahahahaha!!!"

7. As a Union member, I oversaw the chair selection. We narrowed the field to about 10 different chairs based on basic OSHA specs and the ability of vendors to meet those specs and get us samples. We then had every employee come into the sample display room in rotation, sit in every chair, and vote. The final selection was a high-backed fully adjustable chair with the name "SuperFurntiture" embossed on the back. I have no idea who actually made the thing, but just about everybody could live with them. They don't have too many adjustments and they don't have any detachable accessories, but everybody can get them into a configuration that's acceptable.

IHNATKO #24: "Live From Space #22" For bonus points, plug the whole mess into a Bescor 12V battery pack.

Universal Laptop Battery Universal External Laptop Battery

Up to 10 hours of battery life for any laptop!

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Harold B. Lee Library

Google Search: vitamix Blenders have their disadvantages, though. There are several different

The produce is processed at very high speed - and there is concern
that this destroys nutrients in the produce;

Fine bubbles are stirred into the juice - resulting in a larger
surface exposed to oxygen - and more rapid oxidation;

Less discrimination is applied - which can result in more pesticides -
and elements such as cyanide from apple pips - finding their way into
the produce;

Fibre in the product whisks nutrients through the system before they
can be absorbed, and reduces palatability;

Blenders are usually very noisy during operation;''

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Utah's Statewide Newspaper The Tiny Oriental Posse and the Original Laotian Gangsters have feuded for more than a decade. Police suspect their on-again, off-again battle has resulted in more than 25 shootings in recent months. So far no one has been killed, but a West Valley City gang member was struck in the stomach and leg early Sunday during a drive-by shooting near 3000 South and 5600 West.

O'Reilly Network: WebDAV on OS X [Nov. 10, 2000]
WebDAV support in Mac OS X (Public Beta 1) allows for simple remote management of Web content.
WebDAV, or "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning," is a set of extensions to HTTP/1.1 ("HyperText Transfer Protocol," the protocol spoken by Web browsers and servers) allowing you to edit documents on a remote Web server. DAV provides support for:

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Google Search:
I ultimately got some 33 decibel MAX foam rubber earplugs made by
Howard Leight Industries. I put these in every time I go to bed. And
they work great.
I now sleep well regularly. And have enough confidence in my ability
to sleep well that I think nothing of making major variations in my
sleep pattern, because I have confidence I can recover my normal sleep
pattern easily.

Part 2
I first attacked this problem by taking melatonin. I started taking 3
mg at night when I went to bed. But I still woke up at 3:30. So then I
started to take 3 mg melatonin when I woke again. This helped some but then my wake up time stated to vary, being either earlier or later and this caused me to stay awake in anticipation. So I then began to set the alarm to wake me at about 3:30 and at that point I would take 3 mg melatonin.
This began to work, and I would sleep well the first half the night, wake myself take melatonin and get back to sleep.
But later I started waking about 4:30 am and not being able to go back to sleep. So I started getting up earlier. First at 6:00, and then 5:30, and finally at 5. This made it so I was only losing about half an hour a night. At the other end I of course started going to bed a half
hour to hour earlier.
I started getting fairly good sleep. Well over the inadequate 4 hours a night that I had been averaging for well over a year. My mind started working better, and I started thinking clearer.
Late in the year, I quit taking melatonin at bedtime, because I was getting naturally sleepy at that time. This worked and I would sleep through till my alarm at 3:30 am to take some melatonin. Ultimately I stopped waking myself up to take melatonin at 3:30,

DuPont Teflon(R) FAQ In cases where the non-stick coating is grossly overheated (any food would have long been burned to an inedible state at this point), fumes may produce temporary flu-like symptoms. There are no long-term health effects, and this situation can be avoided by proper ventilation and cooking practices.

With regard to non-stick coatings and birds, veterinary experts advise keeping pet birds away from cooking and cleaning fumes. These fumes can be hazardous to birds because birds are small and have very sensitive respiratory systems.

Teflon Poisoning
What you must remember about Teflon is that "Teflon" is a brand name just as
Levis are jeans. That means each manufacturer of the same product may vary
the ingredients to make his product more unique. In Teflon type products
this happens. Some of the nonstick products are deadlier than others and
seem to require a very low temperature to emit fumes. Also the age of the
product makes a difference. We know how easily the surface of the these
products can be removed through scratches, etc. A pot that is very old and
been exposed to a lot of air is not going to be as deadly as a brand new pot
freshly taken out of it plastic wrap....even though both products are made
by the same manufacturer. That does not mean the old pot is safe, only safer.

Mobile Devices
Handheld PC. Downloads

LinuxCertified.com - Linux Laptops
Pre-loaded Red Hat 7. Custom install with both GNOME and KDE desktop environments. Linux distribution included.
This thing is loaded with Linux. They want $600.

Most appliances and other electrical equipment have a nameplate that indicates the power requirements.

To calculate the wattage for any appliance, use the formulas below:
For single phase equipment (any residential equipment):
Watts = volts x amps
For three phase equipment (found in some commercial and most industrial equipment):
Watts = volts x amps x 1.732 (1.732 is the square root of 3)

Friday, December 27

stevenberlinjohnson.com: Blogs and the short block Blogs and the short block

Jason Kottke posts about the virtues of short blocks, which he's noticing with fresh eyes now that he's relocated to the West Village. (Welcome, Jason!) Jane Jacobs talks about this in Death and Life: why the tighter, short-block grid is preferable to the looser grid with long stretches between intersections. It's one of the gems from that book that I didn't address in Emergence, but I've talked about it in a couple of speeches, including one at O'Reilly's Emerging Tech conference last May. Jason and I were emailing about the idea -- and how it potentially connected to the web, and the blogosphere -- and I realized that I'd never published anything about short blocks. (As far as I can remember.)

I think there is a useful connection to be made here. The power of short blocks is ultimately that they create a more even density in the city fabric: because short blocks offer more potential routes from x to y, they diversify the flow of pedestrian traffic through the city. In the long blocks model, pedestrians are funneled onto a few primary pathways, which quickly become over-crowded. With short blocks, they spread out through the entire street system. So you get some people on every street, unlike the long blocks model, which puts all the people on some streets, and no people on other streets. In the long blocks model, you get Times Square interspersed with desolate stretches; in the short blocks model you get the West Village: a bar or restaurant on every corner, a few interesting boutiques or bookstores in between, an interesting mix on the sidewalk, but never so much that you feel crowded out.

If you translate all this over to the Web, it seems to me that the blogosphere is the closest thing going to the short blocks neighborhood: the population density is not nearly as oppressive as what you find on the major sites (much less old media networks.) But it's not as atomized as the world of IM. Short blocks is 50 people on the sidewalk at any given time, instead of 5 or 500. The blogosphere is 50 people on the site at any given time, instead of 5 or 5 million. (Which reminds me of Dave Weinberger's line: "On the internet, everyone is famous to 15 people.") That's a very human scale, I think -- it opens you up to new perspectives, but doesn't overwhelm you at the same time.

Half.com: Apple PowerBook G3 Apple PowerBook G3

Price: $300.00

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welcome to peterme.com One of the panelists put it best when he said that in supporting collaboration, what matters most is a "governance architecture." In other words, a system for using the simple tools. With a little bit of training and management, companies could see a huge return on the use of simple collaboration tools, far more than trying to buy some type of monolithic solution that requires everyone to work in exactly the same way, and in a way that runs contrary to how they operate now.

Here is a little procedure that may help you with your card.
anders|> First, if you have the ability, verify with another device,
anders|> laptop, CE or desktop machine that your CF card is okay. Assuming
anders|> the card is okay, try the following:
anders|> -Close all applications
anders|> -Remove the CF card
anders|> -Remove atadisk.dll from Windows directory and any other
anders|> .patches. you may have
anders|> -Stick a paper clip in the reset hole
anders|> -Wait for reset to finish
anders|> -Execute ibmd_Pcmcia.exe
anders|> -Run the test on the the PCMCIA and CF slots, both slots will
anders|> fail, that.s okay.
anders|> -Exit ibmd_Pcmcia.exe
anders|> -Cross your fingers and insert CF card.
anders|> -With you card inserted, copy, move and delete various sized
anders|> files for a few minutes to verify success.

Computer Monitor Height, Angle, and Distance - Ergonomics Guidelines Although most ergonomists agree that a low monitor is better for the visual system, the question has been "What happens to the neck and upper back?" Two recent studies have addressed that question. Turville and colleagues (1998) compared monitor locations with the center of the screen at 15? and 40? below horizontal. They compared the average (mean) muscle activity for 10 sets of neck and upper back muscles. The recommended limit for mean muscle activity is 10-14% maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) (Jonsson 1978). (MVC is the maximum muscle effort that can be voluntary exerted by the subject.) Although the 40? placement had higher readings than the 15? placement, all were much lower than the recommended limit. The highest was 6.8%. For the trapezius, the muscle most often associate with cumulative trauma disorders, the activity averaged an extremely low 2.2% MVC for the 15? and 2.0% MVC for the 40? conditions.

Google Search:

Apple System Updates (and some other Installers) seem to set the
permissions of / to 775 or 777.

I have gotten into the habit of

sudo chmod 755 /

after any System Update.

>Now it won't receive incoming mail. Arrrrgh.

Check /System/Library/StartupItems/Sendmail/Sendmail

It should contain the lines

/usr/sbin/sendmail -L sm-mta -bd -q1h &
/usr/sbin/sendmail -L sm-msp-queue -Ac -q 20m &

Tuesday, December 24

SourceForge.net: Project Info - WordPerfect to LaTeX convertor
WP2LaTeX is a program for conversion WordPerfect 4.x,5.x,6.x documents to LaTeX. Converted features are: Headers, Tables, Equations, Centered Right Left text, a lot of extended characters (greek, math,cyrilic) and of course a normal text.

Mike's Mac OS X Management Software and Tips: Enabling Sendmail chmod go-w / /etc /etc/mail /usr /var /var/spool /var/spool/mqueue
chown root / /etc /etc/mail /usr /var /var/spool /var/spool/mqueue

This seems to have re-enabled sendmail.

O'Reilly Network: mail error [December 24, 2002] sudo chmod go-w / /etc /etc/mail /usr /var /var/spool /var/spool/mqueue /private

O'Reilly Network: Unix for the Rest of Us [Jun. 08, 2001] Location, location, location

Our first recipe is simple but very useful.

Open your Terminal app (it's in /Applications/Utilities/) and type

locate '/Fonts/'

If locate returns nothing, it's because the "locate DB" script hasn't been initialized yet. If this is the case -- you've recently installed OS X, and the regular cron scripts haven't yet run -- type the following and let the machine churn for a few minutes. The ampersand at the end of the line puts the process in the background.

sudo /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb &

O'Reilly Network: Addendum [December 24, 2002]

changing sendmail permissions

cannot open '/etc/mail/local-host-names': World writable directory

O'Reilly Network: Update to Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3 [Jun. 07, 2002]
As those of you who've updated to Mac OS X 10.1.5 have discovered, sendmail no longer works as described in Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3. The 10.1.5 version updates sendmail to 8.12.2 from 8.11, and in the process tightened up security considerably


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Google Search:
Bruce Klopfenstein (klopfenstein@earthlink.net) wrote:
: I'm looking for a shortcut conversion of each existing URL into a
: hotlink displaying the same URL.
: Anyone ever do this?

If you've got Perl, and all your URLs are http: URLs, try this:

perl -p -i.bak -e's#(http://.*?)(\s)#$1$2#gi'

Mac OS X Hints - Use psync to create incremental backups sudo perl -MCPAN -e shell


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Steves Digicams - Fujifilm FinePix A200 - User Review The FinePix A200 builds on the success of Fuji's popular FinePix A201. It uses the new xD memory card and offers 2.0-megapixel (1600 x 1200) images and a fixed focus 36mm(equivalent) lens. It does not have optical zoom but does have a digital zoom of 2.5x (640x480) and 1.25x (1280x960). It's available now (Oct 2002) for just $179.95.

Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Icy Hot Pain Reliever at Epinions.com While Icy Hot works very well, there are a few things that you need to remember when using this product. This is NOT your grandma's Ben Gay; Icy Hot is much stronger than Ben Gay. If you over-apply the cream, Icy Hot can burn you, making the sore area more painful than before. You can apply a generous amount to the sore muscles, but don't overdo it. Also, you should always remember to wash your hands after apply Icy Hot. You see, this stuff tends to linger. I know that I have put Icy Hot on my legs, and then scratched my arm afterwards - and then wondered why my arm was heating up! So, if after putting this stuff on you have to go to the bathroom...well, you get the idea. Don't forget to wash this off.

Saturday, December 21

Fark.com Comments Thingee (386453) This is not news, people. - www.doom9.org - www.vcdhelp.com - you can copy ANY DVD, that is ANY disc, including PS2 and Xbox, to a single DVD-R. (Of course you need a modchip to play the copied games. copied DVDs require no modchip, just a DVD player built after 1998 or so) The movies that are too big, you just run ifoedit to strip out the spanish/french audio and documentary stuff, and if it's still too big, you just run rempeg to transcode it down and make the stream smaller... on all but the most expensive TV sets, the differerence is invisible, if you follow the instructions in the doom9 guides. DVD-R hobbyists have been doing this for over a year now. Blank media costs 80 cents in bulk packs, or $5 each if you insist upon the swanky media (apple blanks manufactured by pioneer, by the five-pack for $25). Everything that DVD X Copy does can be done by freeware programs just as well. Enjoy!!!

Fark.com Comments Thingee (386453) Bah, just rip with divx and use DD/DTS 5.1 sound

It's cheaper and uses CDs.

Friday, December 20

foodgeeks.com: Cornbread Sausage Stuffing Cornbread Sausage Stuffing

Thursday, December 19

Unix/Linux FAQs - Automating & Scheduling Tasks The following web page is a culmination of questions and answers that have been compiled while researching Unix/Linux Administration. As I get deeper into my studies, I will be adding to this page significantly. Hopefully this information will be of value to other Unix Programmers who would like to learn a little more about administration. My apologies for some of the incomplete text. I will be adding information about the Directory Structure and Managing User Accounts at a later time. Please enjoy "Automating & Scheduling Tasks" in the meantime. Thanks!

Procmail module library Procmail is not very suitable for saving MIME attachements and you should not think that this the right tool for you. If you receive anything more than 1 attachement, this recipe does nothing, because that's out of our league and you need some more heavy weight mime tools. Eg. Perl CPAN has MIME libraries.


cat joshua.doc | strings > joshua.txt

The above command strips readable text out of wordperfect documents.

Antenna Help

Making your own cheap fm antenna.

iPac2.0 Losing sleep : how your sleeping habits affect your life / Lydia Dotto. *
by Dotto, Lydia
New York : Morrow, c1990.
Add to my list
Add to my list
Location Collection Call No. Status Due Date
UVSC - Orem Campus Regular, 4th Level QP425 .D67 199

iPac2.0 Sleep : the gentle tyrant / Wilse B. Webb. *
by Webb, Wilse B.
Bolton, Mass. : Anker Pub. Co., c1992.
Add to my list
Add to my list
Location Collection Call No. Status Due Date
UVSC - Orem Campus Regular, 4th Level QP425 .W32 1992

iPac2.0 The promise of sleep : a pioneer in sleep medicine explores the vital connection between health, happiness, and a good night's sleep / William C. Dement and Christopher Vaughan. *
by Dement, William C., 1928-
New York : Delacorte Press, 1999.
Add to my list
Add to my list
Location Collection Call No. Status Due Date
UVSC - Orem Campus Regular, 4th Level RA786 .D43 1999

Wednesday, December 18

I sorta helped fix a blogger/mozilla bug. You never see this kind of responsiveness in the closed-source world. I don't think.

Bug 88049 - Support .selectionStart & friends for textareas ------- Additional Comment #125 From mark crane 2002-12-18 10:11 -------

Evan Williams of Blogger fame wrote the following:

"Hi, Mark. We're running into a bug that could be pretty major for us
(and make me take back that "preferred browser" statement). Do you know
what the status is on this?


He wants to optimize the new version of blogger to work with Mozilla but
apparently this is holding him back.

------- Additional Comment #126 From pete collins 2002-12-18 13:05 -------

Thanks guys, let's not let this patch die on the vine here.


------- Additional Comment #127 From Susie Wyshak 2002-12-18 13:25 -------

added nsbeta1 and topembed as it's a blocker for Blogger.

------- Additional Comment #128 From Alex Vincent 2002-12-18 13:40 -------

Nominating for blockage of 1.3 beta (as in this bug should be one of those
blocking a "Make Mozilla 1.3 beta not suck" bug). Also removing 1.0.2 keyword,
as we can pretty much kiss that one goodbye.

Tuesday, December 17


Does DNA Evidence Refute the Book of Mormon? Where is the Lamanite DNA??
The problem in applying DNA analysis to the Book of Mormon goes beyond the likelihood of discarding the most relevant evidence. There is also the possibility of attributing evidence of pre-Columbian migrations to recent admixture. Worse, there is the possibility of missing the date of entry of the most relevant genes, and thus eliminating them from the scope of the Book of Mormon, as we shall now discuss.

Does DNA Evidence Refute the Book of Mormon? Where is the Lamanite DNA??
Interestingly, I've encountered another example of a respected researcher encountering Finnish-like genes in Native Americans and ascribing that to presumably recent European admixture.

Does DNA Evidence Refute the Book of Mormon? Where is the Lamanite DNA??
The single-migration view is being eroded in the wake of additional recent studies pointing to multiple migrations. For example, Karafet et al. (1999) studied Y-chromosome markers from over 2000 DNA samples from around the world, including 62 Inuit Eskimos, 12 Mixe, 29 Mixtecs, 22 Kazakhs, 30 Evenks, 18 Melanesians, and 54 samples from several tribes in Panama. Fifteen indigenous North Asian groups were also included. Based on analysis of the 95 haplotypes they identified, the authors concluded that there were multiple founder haplotypes that entered the Americas, including the possibility of multiple migrations from a region in Siberia.

Anne's home page
so i'm thinking about writing a self help novel called: "microsoft excel: a self help program." no, seriously, i'm not kidding. microsoft excel changed my life. details will be included on my new website


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dooce - motherfucking festive
Sorry, everytime I hear the words " I only listen to NPR" I remember a quote I read on f-train. "All NPR feels to my brain, like licking custard off of asphalt would feel to my tongue."

Talk Radio on Oklahoma City: Don't Look at Us
It wasn't just Limbaugh that rallied to the defense of violence-preaching talkshow hosts--less than a month after the bombing, the national board of NARTSH voted to give its "Freedom of Speech" award to Liddy. The award, which is supposed to go to "the individual who best embodies and boldly defends those freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment," has previously gone to Salman Rushdie, CNN's Peter Arnett and columnist Jack Anderson.
Ironically, Liddy has admitted that, as an aide to President Richard Nixon, he started to plan an assassination of Jack Anderson, who had written columns critical of Nixon. "The rationale was to come up with a method of silencing you through killing you," Liddy told Anderson on the CNBC program The Real Story (6/13/91). Liddy's efforts were aborted by higher-ups at the White House.

Mailman FAQ Wizard 1.0.3
Search the Mailman FAQ

[Mailman-Users] Help with sendmail & mailman config
Are you sure your tcp stack is loaded and running properly. I believe
that "61 Connection refused" is a problem communicating with your IP
stack (and not the MTA). Could your server be under load, or the IP
stack be flooded with requests?

If all that is fine then be sure that you have su'ed as user mailman
before doing any testing (like telnet 25).

This should check your local firewall to make sure that you allow
connections on port 25 from all interfaces including, and it
should check that your MTA is listening on the localhost interface.

Check your /etc/mail/access file and make sure that localhost and are setup to allow relaying. Your machine probably has a name,
add that name to the access file and set it to allow relaying.

Good Luck -- Jon Carnes

Eric D. Snider - Theater Review - I Came to Your Wedding Am I biased against Ruth Hale plays? Yes, in the same sense that you'd be biased against rattlesnakes if you got bitten every time you saw one. It's not a blind, unreasonable prejudice -- like I just woke up one day and said, "I'm not going to like Ruth Hale plays anymore." It's based on sad, sad experience.

Bid to Oust Lott From Leadership Considered (washingtonpost.com) Senate sources said allies of Lott have tried to stave off such a challenge by sending the message to colleagues that he would leave the Senate if he lost. McConnell warned in a conference call Friday night that Mississippi Gov. Ronnie Musgrove (D) would appoint Lott's successor, presumably a Democrat. That would put the Senate in an even split, 50 seats for each party.

Friday, December 13

AppleScript Central (.com)
Export-Import Entourage X [v1.2.2]
[by Paul Berkowitz (Email, Website), Nov 14, 2002, 1142k]

Export and import almost everything from one identity of Entourage X to any other, to and from Entourage 2001, and transfer Contacts. Calendar, Tasks and Notes to and from other PIM programs on the Mac and Windows, with special converters for Microsoft Outlook, Excel and other programs. Shareware. v1.2.1 is an update for importing from "Other Programs" (e.g. Now-Up-to-Date, Palm Desktop) and Excel. It fixes many bugs in all the Other to EvX converters, especially Calendar, and in Excel Import Adapter. It also imports "Outlook-type" CSV files from Windows and internet apps designed to be imported by Outlook. (OSAX: Satimage (included)) (Script ID: 333)

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Wednesday, December 11

Compare Prices and Read Reviews on ProForm Ellipticals 700S Cardiocross PFEL3901 at Epinions.com
I have made significant progress from my first workouts when I could barely go five minutes. I don't get out of breath going up stairs anymore, but, unfortunately, that is the only improvement I've noticed. I don't feel healthier or more energetic. I still dread working out, which I thought would get easier over time. It seems like I'm always hungry. And, worst of all, my figure has not improved one iota and my clothes are as tight as ever!

Given the lack of visible progress, it's hard to stay motivated. My husband always says it's a lot easier to put fat on than to take it off. Boy, is that an understatement. He also says it could be six more months before I start to see the results I want. No matter what, I still paid $400 for this machine and I'm determined to get my money's worth.

Compare Prices and Read Reviews on ProForm Ellipticals 700S Cardiocross PFEL3901 at Epinions.com
One night my husband noticed that my workout posture was poor. In my exhaustion I had not noticed I was slouching over. We realized part of the problem was that maybe for my stature the pedals were too far back and I was having to reach too far for the poles. I moved the pedals forward a notch and that helped, but I also became more aware of my posture to stop myself from slouching as I became tired.

Metafilter | The History of the Cubicle comments

My primary concern with the Aeron chairs is the mesh seat. Traditional cushion-based seating has a distinct advantage in the sound and odor control departments.

When I was in a dot-com office a while back, and we all got Aerons, there was a short period of adjustment while, one at a time, my co-workers and I discovered that yes, now everyone could hear everyone's farts.

Mesh seats, the great equalizer.


Tuesday, December 10

The Chronicle: Career Network: 12/02/2002

Only now do I see it clearly. It's a version of that deep need that crops up among academics, the need to prove that what one does is relevant in the world. It's a fear that what one spends all one's time doing does not, in the end, matter.

In that sense, the rhetoric of the "public intellectual" and the "intellectual entrepreneur" is one way that academics try to professionalize this fear. They do not acknowledge the fear, and they do not conquer it. They merely paper it over.

Ouch! Ouch! Killing me softly! The pain!

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Sunday, December 1

NetBSD/hpcmips brings the NetBSD operating system to MIPS based Windows CE PDA machines. Currently, the VR4102, VR4111, VR4121, VR4122, VR4131, TX3912, and TX3922 processors are supported.
The port name "hpcmips" comes from the name for some of the hardware that NetBSD/hpcmips runs on: MIPS based systems in Microsoft's H/PC (Handheld PC) form factor. A H/PC machine contains a keyboard and a touch screen and generally has 8MB or more of RAM. The port supports the HPC form factor, as well as the H/PC Pro and PsPC (Palmsized PC) form factors. (Many PsPC machines are used by the developers for active development.)

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