Saturday, June 22

Compact Flash information and results - Brighthand discussion board Here is a little procedure that may help you with your card.
First, if you have the ability, verify with another device, laptop, CE or desktop machine that your CF card is okay. Assuming the card is okay, try the following:
-Close all applications
-Remove the CF card
-Remove atadisk.dll from Windows directory and any other “patches” you may have
-Stick a paper clip in the reset hole
-Wait for reset to finish
-Execute ibmd_Pcmcia.exe
-Run the test on the the PCMCIA and CF slots, both slots will fail, that’s okay.
-Exit ibmd_Pcmcia.exe
-Cross your fingers and insert CF card.
-With you card inserted, copy, move and delete various sized files for a few minutes to verify success.


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