Monday, June 24 - RV sales surge as boomers take to road, not air
The converts include George Meireles, 44, a Millington, N.J., luxury-home builder. He initially resisted getting an RV, worried that it might be too confining and spartan for his taste. Finally relenting after Sept. 11, Meireles purchased an RV with leather interior, satellite dish, microwave and a washer-dryer.
His family of five recently returned from a trip to Niagara Falls, N.Y., and Canada, and hopes to visit Florida and the Western states sometime soon.
"He's enjoying it more than I am," said his wife, Chrissy, 34, who grew up camping in tents and relished the idea of showing her young children the great outdoors. "We feel like we've bought a condo on wheels."


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