Wednesday, June 19 Comments Thingee (213089)
My chemistry teacher did this a few times. He took a small tub of water and put some soapy stuff in it so make it bubbly. He then took a hose from one of the natural gas lines and fed it into the water. He turned the gas on and boom, you get big bubbles filled with natural gas.

Then we would cover our hands with the soapy material (Not the one that was in the gas water) so we could hold a huge amount of these gas bubbles. Then we'd shut off the gas line, put on goggled, hold out the bubbles in front of us and then someone would light it on fire. Instantly we held a fireball the size of a small car which burned for about 3 seconds in our hands. The heat was amazing but didn't hurt us. That was the coolest shiat ever. Most times the fire would hit the ceiling and crawl alone until the remaining gas from the bubbles had burned out. Breaking the fire code? Hell yes, but it was farking fun and that was the reason why I didn't skip class.


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