Monday, October 13

Hi alabamalady,: "I don't work full-time anymore, but I work 32 hours a week, which is almost the same (I get Thursdays off). My trick is to go for a half-hour walk after work, and then to let myself unwind for an hour before I hit the diss work. Then I post on the daily (I really like to co-pact, especially lately) that I am going to do 2 sessions of 45 minutes (which is all I can usually bring myself to do after a full day's work). Then I make myself quit after 2x45, no matter whether or not I still feel like going. And I read fiction, or chat, or do something mindless before bed. That way I don't burn myself out.

The only exception I make is when I have a deadline within a few days--because I can sleep more after I make the deadline.

I also do at least 5 units of work over the weekend. I try to always take Sundays off, but make some exceptions.

Everyone seems to have different strategies, though, as I'm sure you'll notice when other people start responding to your post.

I hope you'll be as nice to yourself as you can possibly be. Transitions are really hard, even beyond trying to figure out a new workable schedule."


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