Sunday, September 14

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Mayor Keeps Job at Eagle Mountain: " But Bailey -- whose term expires in January 2006 -- says he is going to lighten his load. Instead of logging those '160-hour' work months he says forced him to neglect his private job as a contractor and spurred him to take off for California, Bailey says he will delegate more tasks to staff and City Council members.
That's news to Councilman Brigham Morgan, who says he has had no communication with Bailey for two weeks and is one of several council members who are not eager to welcome back the town's prodigal mayor.
'I'm a little disappointed and I'm concerned about the credibility of the council, the mayor and the decisions we make,' said Morgan, adding that many residents have lobbied him for the council to take a 'no confidence' vote in the mayor.
Councilman Greg Kehl, who has been filling in for Bailey, says stress has not been an issue for him during his brief stint as Eagle Mountain's chief executive.
'Things have run as smooth as glass,' he said. 'We've dealt with every issue that has come up. The staff has done a fantastic job. We haven't missed a beat.' "


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