Sunday, September 21

Google Search: lapping "Mitch wrote
>How bad is the crown now? Do you need to cut the barrel back a bit, or can
>you just lap
>the existing crown?
>You may be able to recrown without pulling the sight, get some fine lapping
>compound such
>as JB Bore Paste, and a brass round-head screw with a head a
>bit bigger than the bore. Chuck the screw in a hand held drill, goop it up
>with Bore Paste, and rock the drill back and forth as it turns, frequently
>stopping to turn the barrel a bit. When you've polished an even margin all
>around, clean the barrel and test-fire. Most of the plastic sights are
>on, you can usually heat them and tap them off. The trick with cutting back
>the barrel is
>to get the face square to the bore, not an easy task with hand tools.
>A good machinist can probably file it square after cutting, but I can't."


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