Sunday, September 21

Google Search: breech "weed eater": "I use an Otis for larger than .22 and love it. For .177s and .22s I went a little better by heating the weed eater line first and squishing it in a vice. When I had tried just pounding it it had fractures in it. The thickness of the jaws was just about right (around an inch). Following a suggestion I read on an airgun forum I squeezed it again around 1/2' from the first squeeze and at a right angle to it. I also embellished it by poking a hot ice pick through the slits at each end. This relieves any stresses that might fracture and makes holes so you get a wider slit in my later operation. . Then I smoothed and further widened the slits with an emery board. This makes inserting the patches much easier. The double patches make things go twice as fast. Cleaner on the lead patch and a dry one following. As many times as needed, then two dry ones, then an oily lead with a dry following. I agree with the breech to muzzle only."


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