Wednesday, September 24

Democratic Underground Forums - Clark in NY last night. My report.: "OK, now the juicy stuff. There was at least one diplomat at my party. Charlie Rangel was at a couple of the parties. I heard that Ben Stiller, Bianca Jagger and a couple other notable people were at the other parties. The high dollar event was 'intense' according to people that volunteered. A famous musician that is supporting one of the candidates from the northeast was at one of the parties. I don't know what that's about, but it was supposedly a big deal. I leave it for you to figure out.

And one last thing; I got to shake his hand (again). I said to him: 'You said in Knoxville that we wouldn't be afraid of guys like Limbaugh. They are coming after you.' He said: 'Limbaugh's full of shit.' I have to agree. He said that he is not going to sink to their level. He said that he needs us to call the radio stations and do what needs to be done.

So that was my experience. Hot, sweaty, powerful, and somewhat intense. I will repeat this one more time. Clark is OK. He has said that he is running for us. General Clark would be a President that we could all be proud of.


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