Sunday, September 21

Crosman Airgun Forum: "Lapping
September 21 2003 at 5:48 AM Anonymous (Login geron)
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Response to Ok, understand lapping a little. I think.

Use as last resort but before recrowning. Lap from the breech end. Amount of paste -- enough to do the job. Hard to say. I first use JB on a patch with a crown saver from MAC1 pulled breech to muzzle. Then JB on a pellet if necessry. Finally, recrown the thing if nothing else works.

One thing I forgot. Should be No. 1 -- replace the trigger spring. Use a No. 4 or No 6 (almost too light - reinforce with drinking straw or some other type guide) from Ace Hdwe. Or cut one wind off the factory spring -- careful and measure, you can cut too much off. "


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