Saturday, September 20

BLOGGER - Knowledge Base: "There are a number of reasons for including multiple blogs on a single page. Perhaps you'd like to have two or three users posting at once, but don't want the posts combined in a single blog column. Or maybe you'd like to post notes and comments in your sidebar that don't fit in with the rest of the content of your blog. It's even possible (depending on your server's capabilities) to grab blog content from another server and paste it seamlessly into your existing code. The possibilities are endless, really.

Including multiple blogs on a single page can be achieved through the use of includes. Includes are a feature on many different servers and platforms, including Server Side Includes, PHP, ASP, and Cold Fusion. The type of include method you need will depend on what kind of platform your server is running and whether or not your server has the functionality set up to do so. If you're not sure which of the following techniques are right for you, please ask your system administrator.

Say you want to post a list of books you're currently reading in the sidebar of your main blog page. First you'll need to create a new blog. Log into Blogger and click 'Create a new blog' link in the right column. Specify the information requested and then click on Settings to enter additional information needed there. We'll use 'books.html' as the file name for this new blog.

After you've completed your settings, open the template for this new blog by clicking on Template . Remove the , and tags, leaving only the Blogger code. It should look something like this:



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