Sunday, September 21

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JB paste is popular among competitive centerfire shooters. The abrasive compound is designed
to be harder than copper but softer than steel. It has NEVER been known to harm barrels.
Copper fouling kills target barrels over time and is difficult to clean out without abrasives.
Abrasives such as Clover brand or lapping compounds are meant to polish (wear) steel. JB
will not do this to your barrel. Never compare JB to lapping compound. Unless you are shooting
copper clad pellets, you don't need it. If you notice any lead buildup that a nylon bore brush
will not remove easily, don't go out and buy a bronze brush. These can wear on your
rifling over time. Here's the ticket, theres a penetrating oil on the market called
Kroil. Its like wd-40 but much better. It 'creeps' under lead and copper and floats it out
of your rifling. It's nonabrasive and has a signature smell like wd-40 does, only different.
It comes in an orange can, either a spray can or in larger bulk cans. Needless to say, NEVER
clean from the muzzle end without a bore guide. Either use a pull through string type jag or
rod and clean from the breech end, always in the direction of the pellet. This will keep your
muzzle crown from wearing and opening up your groups. You can call Midway Supply and order some
if you can't find it locally. Their number is (800)243-3220 or"


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