Wednesday, August 20

Plastic: Bowling For M.Bison :

"I just got through this level. The previous level was really fun, too.

I was having trouble with those levels, until a guy on the Kuma discussion boards pointed out that early in the game you've got to give Saddam logistical support and send Donald Rumsfeld over to shake his hand or you'll never make it that far. The big mistake that most novice players make is lodging diplomatic protests when Saddam first gasses the Kurds. You've got to save your 'humanitarian outrage' points until late in the game when Saddam is no longer useful to you. Then you can use them to invade Iraq and take over the oil fields and replace the oil wells you lost when the Islamic revolution overthrew your puppet regime in Iran. "

From a discussion of a new video game that uses actual video footage from the Iraq war.


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