Saturday, August 30

Cubicle Kudzu or other fast growing plants: "I just moved from a cube to an office. My only natural light, however, is a 3' x 3' window above the door. What I'd like to do is find something that grows quickly, the equivalent of Cubicle Kudzu (tm) and cover at least a wall with vines to soften the glaring white untextured drywall.
Is there a specific phrase I should be using when searching for plants that thrive in low-light conditions? 'Mushroom' ?

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RE: Cubicle Kudzu or other fast growing plants
Posted by: AuntieCelene 5b OH (My Page) on Thu, Aug 28, 03 at 9:49
Philodendron, pothos, tradescantia, all should be great for this. "


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