Saturday, August 2

book recommendation? or Bamboo in the Desert: "I live north of Salt Lake City and have been growing bamboo for just over a year now. I have Phyllostachys nuda, aureosulcata aureocaulis, decora, glauca, and rubromarginata. The dry air is not too bad, but the first year is worse as far as leaf curling goes. If you keep the soil moist they should do OK. The winters can be harsh, I had some leaf loss last year but did not lose any branches and they all leafed out nicely in the spring. I have heard good things about Ph. decora and rubromarginata for tolerance to cold dry winds.
A book I would recommend for growing bamboo outdoors is 'The Gardeners Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos' by Michael Bell. It deals with most of the varieties that can be grown in cold climates. If you want to stick with growing bamboo indoors, look for a tropical species that does not require a cold dormant period.
There are not too many public places to see bamboo but the International Peace Garden at Jordan Park in Salt Lake City has 3 different bamboos and Lagoon in Farmington has several varieties in a Japanese Garden next to the Samurai ride. I am always keeping my eyes open for bamboo plantings around the valley. "


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