Saturday, August 30

book recommendation? or Bamboo in the Desert: "Craniac,
Call me Eric, Mr. Layton just sounds way too formal! I purchased all but one of my bamboos by mail. Several from Tradewinds in Oregon (Tradewinds Bamboo Nursery) and a couple from Bamboo Headquarters in California (Bamboo Headquarters). The one I did not get by mail I was able to snag from the Peace Gardens. As far as local suppliers, I have seen Black Bamboo (Ph. nigra) and Yellow Groove Bamboo (Ph. aureosulcata) at Cactus & Tropicals and at Millcreek Gardens. They usually sell out quickly in the spring. The plants are in 5-7 galllon pots and I believe they come from Monrovia Nursery. Good luck on finding what you like, and keep the forum up to date on your progress. "


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