Thursday, August 28

ABS - Growing Bamboo Indoors: "For small species -
Pleioblastus shibuyanus ‘Tsuboi’ - Indoor height up to 3 feet. A running species, “grassy” in appearance, with small white-striped leaves. Very vigorous. Does not tolerate hot sun. Prefers lower light conditions. Will lose vibrant variegation if too dark. Native to Japan. Temperate.
Bambusa multiplex 'Tiny Fern’ or ‘Golden Goddess’ - Indoor height 3 feet. Delicate leaves, fern-like. A dwarf form of B. multiplex rivereorum. Very adaptable to light conditions. Clumping. Native to China.
Indocalamus tessellatus - Indoor height 3 feet. Very large, 15-20-inch long leaves, held downwards. Tolerates very low light conditions and low humidity, very tough. Native to China. Temperate.
Chusquea coronalis - Indoor height 4 feet. Elegant and delicate, this bamboo needs a cool, humid environment but is well worth the extra effort. Annual dormancy comes in September, as leaves turn orange and it partially defoliates. Patience is required. Native to Costa Rica.
Raddia brasiliensis - Indoor height 2 feet. An example of the herbaceous (non-woody) bamboos of the tropical forest floor. Native to Brazil. Fern-like in appearance. Needs indirect light - provide shade from strong sun. Requires high humidity and supplemental chelated iron (to prevent chlorosis). Continually flowers on compact plants. Very interesting. Tropical. "


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