Friday, July 25

This is the way to download music | Metafilter: "Forget Snapster. What about RobbinHoodSter. (1) Take the same 1,000,000 CD's (as Snapster) or better, even more albums. (2) Go to an offshore haven that is not a signatory to universal copyright. (3) Sell all songs for 20 cents a track, $2.00 an album. (4) Send 65% of the money directly to the artist or artist's management. If the artist can not be found, hold the money is escrow for said artist. (5) Give 5% of the the revenue towards grants for working musicians (sort of a RobinHoodSter N.E.A. program.) (6) Give 5% of the money to better the life and infrastructure of offshore haven. (7) Earn enough with the 25% margin to cover fixed costs, and to grease the local govt to insure that global pressures to close RobinHoodSter are laughed at."

This is great. I predict that the price per downloadable mp3 is going to drop to .50 in the next year, at which point I'll start downloading about 20 songs a month.


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