Wednesday, July 30

The Morning News - Radio Free Marfa: "Earlier in the day we visited the Marfa Book Company, the town%u2019s sole bookstore. I flipped through their music racks and noticed that mixed in with all the great country classics were many of the same CDs that DJ Tiger Bomb had brought here from New York, including the new Cat Power and Yo La Tengo albums. Who were the indie-rock buyers who kept the shelves stocked? As it turns out, many are local youths who made their way to Northeastern universities, then made their way back to Marfa for the summers, or sometimes forever. Unlike big-city superstores, the handpicked selection of books and CDs makes almost every item worthwhile. They have, essentially, cut the crap. The art and architecture sections are world class, and the store even carries the Sunday New York Times (hand-delivered each week from El Paso and sold at a loss but still sold %u2013 as a %u2018community service,%u2019 according to the clerk at the store).



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