Tuesday, July 29

Legal commentators weigh SCO's chances: "As often happens when confronted by a common enemy, the various arguing factions in the Free Software and Open Source communities have suspended their differences to focus on understanding the threat and to defeat it. The Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Open Source Initiative (OSI) have not traded barbed comments publicly in months. Once common disagreements over which Linux vendor builds the best distribution have subsided. Even those sometimes obstreperous KDE and Gnome desktop groups recently seem to have stayed closer to their respective knitting. There seems to be a generally pervasive understanding that such petty squabbles can wait.
Even more remarkably, people are contributing research outputs, analysis programs and scripts, historical documents, as well as commentaries and ideas. And the power of all their contributions and efforts is becoming apparent in resources that have been assembled, with visible results.
I've mentioned the SCO vs IBM informational Wiki previously, and that is here, providing starting references and analyses. If anyone has additional materials, that's a good place to submit those.
Paralegal Pamela Jones writes the scrupulously researched Groklaw web log. Her entries are detailed, interesting, and clearly instructive about the relevant legal doctrines and points of argument on both sides of the several disputes that might arise. Ms. Jones' crisp and spirited commentaries are easy to read and her essays alone are totally worth the trip. Her awesome Groklaw dissection of the SCO War can be found here."


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