Tuesday, July 1

Google Search: speedometer cable group:rec.autos.vw group:rec.autos.vw: "First, extracting the odometer is extremely easy. With practice,
it can be removed in 10 minutes as follows. Remove the plastic
trim over the dashboard and the lower dash cover. This entails
removing the metal rail that runs the width of the car. At this
point, you can access the speedometer cable from the bottom and
disconnect it. After removing the four screws that attach the
instrument cluster, the cluster may be lifted out from behind
the steering wheel by rotating its top toward you.

Now retire to an indoor work area and disassemble the cluster.
If you study it for a few minutes you'll see that the odometer
can be removed by removing/loosening about half a dozen screws.
The offending gear is easily accessed. I repaired mine with
fine nylon thread and epoxy over two years ago and have had no
problems since. Others have recommended fine wire.

This is also a good time to disable various warning mechanisms
if you are so inclined. But be careful installing the repaired
cluster as minor installation errors will cause your speedometer
to freak out. I recommend driving the car for 10 miles or so
before reassembling the dashboard.

This is an easy repair, well within the abilities of most adults
and requiring a surprisingly small number of tools. And it would
be difficult to follow the directions to my house, or measure oil
consumption without an odometer. (The trip odometer is really a
service interval odometer.)"


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