Tuesday, July 15

Epiphone PR 350SR: "Mine is also the solid wood version referred to in previous reviews, so I won't bore you with details, I bought it from a pro player who removed the pickguard and installed gold grovers and a bone nut and micarta saddle.I contacted Epi also re: the solid vs. laminate issue, and their reply was that all of them (including it's sister the PR-350/SM mahogany) were laminates. That's funny because I have copies of reviews on Harmony Central (not these user reviews) that state they are all solid woods, as well a an Epi ad from a guitar mag that says it is all solid wood! I also inspected the interior and found the grain to match the exterior. At any rate, if Epi can make a laminate sound this good, they need to patent the process.I rate it high just for the solid woods at a great price"


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