Tuesday, June 24

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Well, it's all relative, isn't it? When I was in college (taking a full courseload and working 20 hours a week), writing 5,000 words a day was not even remotely extraordinary. 8 and 10,000 word days were pleasant but far from unheard of. I did 15,000 words one day (and that was after working 4 hours in the morning at an office job).

Now? Now I get a thousand words a day if I'm extraordinarily vigilant. Which I haven't been lately.

And, lest you be tempted to believe that there is some quantity/quality trade-off, I'll note that many of the stories in the collection were written during that period of great productivity. I started to slack off in the year 2000, as near as I can tell... when I moved to California, more or less.

And I'm not just writing less -- I'm writing more *slowly*. I used to have a comfy cruising altitude of 2,000 words per hour. Now it's more like half that. I'm worried the progression will progress. As I get older, I gain weight and write more slowly. It kind of sucks.


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