Friday, February 21

Spirit of Place
quoted from emails to all the family from Don, Cory's uncle, who's a UN nuclear weapons inspector in Iraq right now:

"I think that before Bush/Blair decide to start a war here they should both come and see what we see. From what any of us have seen there isn't anything here worth destroying. They have the usual military stuff, usual for a poorer state that has had sanctions for the last 12 years which means generally older and out-dated stuff. They don't have anything in the way of a nuclear program and for biological and chemical it is possible that they have something but no one seems to be able to find it if they do have it. So if we can't find it how will B B find it to destroy it?????????

All the machine equipment we have seen is old, perhaps even ancient. Not worth sending a 1 million dollar cruise missle to destroy that sort of stuff. Buildings are old and are in desparate need of repair. Most air conditioners we see sticking out the side of a building are terribly rusted and don't appear to be in opearation order. Destroy that?????

And when Saddam is gone what will happen to Iraq as a country? There are three main factions who will all be fighting for power and within these factions there will be fighting."

How will the Iraqi people benefit if they are bombed and killed? Where is the evidence that Saddam is a real threat to American security? Where is the evidence that invading Iraq will not destabilize the rest of the region and lead to more terrorist attacks? I have so many questions to which there are no answers.


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