Thursday, February 20

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After the NBC news team got detained by police while interviewing the family outside of Duke University Medical Center, Mack and Jesica's parents were called into a board meeting with the hospital administrators and department heads. They were challenging Mack's power of attorney, attempting to restrict visitors, refusing the family to be able to take photographs of Jessica, wanting the photographs to be removed from the website that had any hospital personnel in them, wanting to limit Mack's access to Jessica and her medical information and restricting the press from entering the hospital. All the while, completely ignoring the pleas of her parents to have Mack retain all access to Jesica. This was a horrendous meeting with translator's, attorneys, etc., all present. In the midst of this conference, Senator Dole called Mack on his cell phone. Mack proceeded to tell Senator Dole in detail, what had happened during the surgery, after the surgery, about the media being detained, the hospital administrator wanting to restrict Mack's access to Jesica and the horrors of the past week. Everyone in the room was silent, as Mack explained the dire situation Jesica was facing to Senator Dole. Mack explained to her, that he was sitting in front of the hospital administrator right then. Senator Dole asked to speak with him. Mack said, "Sir, Senator Dole would like to speak with you." The administrator shook his head no in disbelief. Then, Senator Elizabeth Dole discussed with Mack, her concern for Jesica's and wanting to make sure that nothing happens to that "Sweet Baby." She made sure Mack had her cell phone number and told him to call her with whatever he needed and with continual updates on Jesica's condition. When Mack hung up the phone, the hospital administration ended the meeting promptly, by escorting Mack immediately upstairs to the ICU. There, they added Mack's daughters and attorney to the ICU visitors list. They let him once again take photographs of Jesica and they informed the head of the ICU ward, to assist Mr. Mahoney with whatever he needed. The hospital's tone instantly changed the minute Mack hung up the phone with Senator Dole.


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