Tuesday, July 9

AT&T won't be able to use that phone. The 5160 is what AT&T uses, the
5160 & 5120 are both TDMA but AT&T uses 1900 MHz in most of there
digital areas where the carriers using 5120s use 800 MHz. The 5160 has
1900 & 800 MHz digital and 800 MHz analog capabilities. The 5120 only
has 800 digital & 800 analog. Call AT&T and find out from them which
area you are in if you are in 800 MHZ AT&T area it may work.
To check to see which system the phone is picking up simply dial 611
call, and listen there should be a message form the provider.
Programing code is *#639# enter the system ID which here in MD is 00047
(it's different in every region) then hit OK, it will ask for the
cellular phone #, enter it and hit OK.
Good Luck
All 4 CEll

In article ,
"Sascha Salzbrenner" wrote:
> Hi I just bought a nokia 5120 for about $50.00, but there is one minor
> problem, no one can get into it to program it. I was told that the only way
> I could use it was if I called AT&T and got them to activate it for me.
> It's a good phone....or at least I think so, and if anyone out ther knows
> how to get into it please let me know. Thanks!
> PS: I have allready tried the *#3001#12345# and it doesnt work, I know it's
> going to be some whacky code of some


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