Monday, October 8

Noam Chomsky ??

Noam Chomsky: Personally I don’t think and have never thought that we should discontinue support of Israel. I am very critical of their policy towards Israel but that’s in part because I think it’s very harmful to the people of Israel. It happens to support the government, but it’s harmful to the people in my opinion. What we should do, I think, is join what has been a very broad international consensus for about 25 years now, which calls for a two state settlement on the internationally recognized borders (that means pre-June 1967) in recognizing the rights and guaranteeing the security of all states in the region including Israel and a Palestinian state. That has been the overwhelming position of the entire world for 25 years. In fact, the resolution to that effect was vetoed by the United States at the Security Council 25 years ago and Washington has been blocking similar initiatives ever since, still is. I don’t think that that is moral or wise.


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