Monday, October 8

Noam Chomsky Most specialists on the region, and in fact, foreign leaders, NATO leaders, have been telling Washington as loudly as they can that if the U.S. carries out a large military attack which very visibly kills a lot of innocent Afghans, that will be an answer to Bin Laden’s prayers. It will be like virtually a recruitment procedure for new people to join his horrendous cause. And if he’s killed, even more so, he then becomes an martyr. I think that’s probably why Washington has backed off from its early militant rhetoric, it’s been hearing that message. That would not only be a crime in itself but as you said, it would be a way of recruiting others who want to take revenge for the crime. That’s just what the terrorists want. They would react the same way many people here reacted to the bombing of the World Trade Center. They want revenge. If we want to be serious about it, we have to choose a course of action which will not escalate the cycle of violence and play into the hands of the terrorist groups.


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