Monday, October 15

CBS Considers WTC Comedy CBS Considers WTC Comedy
After weeks of Hollywood going out of its way to eliminate images of New York's skyline--particularly the Twin Towers--from movies and TV shows, CBS says it's considering a comedy set in the aftermath of the World Trade Center tragedies.

Network president Leslie Moonves told reported Thursday that he's considering green-lighting a romantic comedy series about two people brought together after their spouses are killed in the collapse of the landmark complex.
Moonves said a producer (whom he declined to name) pitched him a series involving a middle-aged couple prior to the events September 11. Following the attacks, the producer came back and said the premise "could easily be changed" to "heighten the stakes" and tell some of the more poignant personal yarns that came out of the disaster.
"Is it exploitive to do something like that? Not if it's handled properly," Moonves said.


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