Friday, September 7

We are throwing a tupperware party tomorrow. I am at the point in my life where I have become "post-cool" and have no shame whatsoever. Here is a fun excerpt about the birth of tupperware:

"Wise, a single mother from Detroit, pioneered Tupperware's famous "Hostess Parties"; where a hostess, usually a housewife, gathered a dozen or so women in her house and demonstrated tupperware. In these parties Wise grafted the selling of tupperware onto the American traditions of sewing circles and quilting bees. And she tapped into the psyche of the new suburban housewife: The parties took advantage of the isolation, envy, even neurotic sense of social obligation among suburban women in the 1950s. A feminist called these parties a "form of organizational parasitism analogous to ... colonialism which [used] ... the existing tribal structure ...."

But within this "tribal" system Brownie Wise was so successful that by 1954 Tupperware sales topped fifty four million dollars - and made her the first woman on the cover of Business Week. And today there is a tupperware party somewhere in the world every two point two seconds. "


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