Tuesday, September 18

Google Groups Posting From: grokosaurus@yahoo.com (G. S.)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot
Subject: moving data from palm m100 to handspring visor
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I recently sold my palm m100 (purchased by work) and got a refurb
handspring visor. I thought I'd share my experience (or lack thereof)
because I couldn't find instructions anywhere else.

Here's how I moved data into the handspring from the palm:

1. copied the user folder from c:\palm to the desktop

2. uninstalled all palm software from desktop

3. Installed handspring desktop

4. opened desktop, and from respective applications (to do ,
addresses, memo) imported files ending in ".dat" from the folders
todo, datebook, memopad, address

5. realized that all of my data imported as unfiled. Cursed my luck,
and used mass transit to move things around

Actually, I originally installed the handspring software into c:\palm,
but some leftover palm conduits made my handspring go into a blank
screen, which was only remediable by doing a hard reset. Ugh.


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