Wednesday, September 12

From an email list:

"Some of the questions our seven year old son asked:

--That's the kind of plane I fly on when I visit Grandma and Grandpa,

--So all of those guys must have planned this together, right, mom?

--What does it mean that they'll have "to pay"? Will this cost them a
lot of money?

--*Who* has to pay, and with what?

--Why would anyone want to hurt all those people?

--Isn't it weird not to see any airplanes in the sky? Do you think we'd
get in trouble for flying a paper airplane?

--I get to watch the news, right mom?

--When is President Bush going to talk to us? (This just after he'd
watched the whole brief speech.)

--Do you need a hug?

--Do you think Lindsey (his little sister) understands what's going on,
or is she too young?

--Is New York City close to us? How close?

--What would we do if this happened here?

--What is that noise? Can you close my window?

--Is everything going to be okay?

Good questions, I thought.

Kathy at C.O.D.


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