Friday, August 17

We have this problem all the time. Pine will misbehave as well. It usually occurs for me when I am using the default windows telnet client. Whenever I get on a machine I usually install "putty" or "tera term pro". Perhaps the default telnet client can be reconfigured as well, I'm not sure. (tera term) (putty)


>>> mdcobb02@LOUISVILLE.EDU 08/17/01 02:28PM >>>
I have a couple of users in the libraries that are stating that there are =
differences in the way that they are able to function when they Telnet =
into Athena. Their complaints are that they can't edit pages, arrow keys =
don't function anymore, etc. Easy Editor now shows up on the top of the =
screen when they log to web pages now, and this was not always the case. =
Can someone offer me some assistance on this one?

Mioshi Cobble
Technology Consultant


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