Monday, August 6

Slashdot | Is This How to Carry Your Gadgets? You will know the Truth, and the Truth will lift you of a great Weight.
This is the Truth: You don't need so many gadgets.
Truly. Honest. I stand up and say "My name is Geek and I am a gadget addict". But now I'm cured. Or almost.
You don't really need to carry along the mobile phone. If somebody wants to speak with you, will call again. If you want to talk to somebody, then I recognize it's damn useful, but again, it's so urgent? They are very convenient in traffic jams, but again, I have found that having a book with me it's almost as good, and the jam does move faster when I get interested!
And you may be surprised, but there is life beyond the PDA. Come on! Do you really to have with you at all times ten thousand addresses?
If you really need special clothing for carrying all your iron, IMHO it's time to rethink your life. Your lower back will thank you for that, at the very least :o)


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