Thursday, August 2

PC Forum 2001 Transcript This past year, we went to the Cebit trade show and saw the first-ever, large-scale, utterly canned demo of Bluetooth melt down. Not only did it not work well, nothing talked to anything. We had waited for the industry to give us a wireless peer-to-peer networking standard, but they failed. Then we go to San Francisco, and some guy has got an open AirPort Base Station running Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). We fire up our iBooks and we're connected to the Internet. So we say, "Why are we waiting for Bluetooth? Let's bring our PCs into the workplace all over again." That is what arouses enthusiasm. It also arouses skepticism, because the business press says, "Why are you enthusiastic about this?" And the technical people say, "We are enthusiastic about it because it's returning us to our roots as a nerd pride culture." And the business press says, "But where's the market opportunity?" And the technical people say, "But it's cool!" [Laughter]


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